Thursday, May 07, 2009

Scudiery Is Treasurer Of DeFilippo's Defense Fund

Knows Nothing of Lesinak's or Cryan's Involvement

Responding to questions about an article posted at Poltickernj regarding a Legal Defense Fund for Union County Democratic Chairwoman Charlotte DeFellipo, Monmouth County Democratic Chairman Vic Scudiery told MoreMonmouthMusings that he is the treasurer of the fund.

The Politickernj piece stated, "State Sen. Raymond Lesniak (D-Elizabeth), Assemblyman Joseph Cryan (D-Union) and Monmouth County Democratic Chairman Victor Scudiery are organizing and administering the fund." Scudiery said that he knows nothing of Lesinak or Cryan being involved in the fund.

Scudiery said, "I've known Charlotte for years. She's a friend of mine. She called and asked me to help her and I agreed. I don't know where the Lesinak and Cryan stuff is coming from. Charlotte sends me the checks and when there are bills to pay I pay them out of the fund."


NFS said...

I told you we're no good.

Good news for Union County though, especially Linden where we have numerous failed projects which are headed by DiFillipo as head of the Union County Improvement Authority. Washington Borough and their $2.7 million garage sound bad? That's nothing.

Have to copy you on this one Art.

Anonymous said...

Vic is full of you know what. Where does he think the checks come from. He communicates with these guys all day long.

Vin said...

This was a bs post by Wally Edge. This is not even news - who cares if he is a treasurer for a close friend who is a fellow party chair.

People are raising money nationwide for Sarah Palin's defense fund. This shouldn't even be an issue. There are plenty of Republicans helping in others defense funds in Monmouth County.

And there are plenty of terrible Democrats in NJ for Republicans to go after but trying to smear a very good name shows a lot of poor taste.

Anonymous said...

How can I contribute?

Anonymous said...

Vic long ago became a surrogate for Lesniak. Take a look at the money going into Monmouth County democratic coffers. Much of it comes through Union County. It was Lesniak who insisted that the democrats make Manalapan's Michelle Roth the democratic candidate in the 12th District. This will probably lead to a loss in the Freeholder race for the democrats, also, as she is going to be defeated by a large margin.

Michelle Roth a woman who earned her fortune off the blood of African mine workers, writing public relation pieces for companies exploiting the workers. Here is the link to Harmony Gold Mining Co. Ltd.'s annual report (at the end you will see Roth Investor Relations, Michelle's company).

This company continues to maintain Apartheid hostels exploiting the workers. Note this report:

NFS said...

With all due respect Vic, this surely is a story and it's not about who the treasurer for the defense fund is, although Scudiery should be made aware that this group has some bad luck.

Let's look at just some of the players.

Sen. Lesniak, who shared legislative offices with ex-Assemblyman Neil Cohen and Assemblyman/State Dem. Chair/Undersheriff Joe Cryan.

Neil Cohen now under indictment for charges related to child pornograhy.

Joe Cryan, a stakeholder in Camelot Title, also reported to be under investigation.

Charlotte DeFillipo, Union County Chair/Executive Director of the UCIA & stakeholder in Camelot Title, under investigation.

Deceased, Ex-Senator Joe Suliga. According to his widow, Suliga founded Camelot. Suliga died outside Cheeques Go Go Bar (bar featured in The Wrestler.

Rosemary McClave, campaign treasurer for former Assemblyman Neil Cohen recently indicted on charges she stole from his election fund.

Jamel Holley, Former Chief of Staff to ex-Assemblyman Neil Cohen, embroiled in voter fraud charges in Roselle Park. While not indicted, the Appellate Court said the absentee ballots handled by Holley had "rampant statutory violations" Mr. Holley was later rewarded with a job with the County of Union.

Sen. Lesniak robbed in his home a couple of weeks ago. During this "robbery", Lesniak reported that among other things, the thieves took bottles of wine, but not the Rolex Lesniak offered them. LOL

Come on, this is a very Soprano story.

Anonymous said...

nobody wanted to run in the 12th and roth was the only one who volunteered - dems didn't even have a 2nd candidate until 2 days before the convention.

Lesniak doesen't have anything to do with monmouth county...he probably donates to the dems here as he does in every single county and i guarantee you decorce and republicans are donating to monmouth as they are in other counties.

Whatever issues Roth has - its remarkable how you can tie that to Vic Scudiery - Even more conservatives agree, including Art Gallagher and Gordon Bishop, that Vic Scudiery is a class act.

Stick to the issues instead of attacking a good man.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, looks like the links for 3:39 got cut off when uploaded. Here they are again. You'll have to cut and paste to get the entire link in:

Anonymous said...

Vic? A class act? Politikernj, a notoriously democratic site used to publish the worst county chairman in the state. Year after Year, Vic made the very bottom of the list. Once in a while, but only rarely, the democratic chairman of Ocean County beat him out. Class act? And spare us the nonsense about Lesniak not controlling the democrats in Monmouth County. Monmouth County democrats receive far more money from Lesniak than other counties. He owns them. They do what he asks. His law firm is the township attorney in Manalapan. The deal was that Michelle would be the candidate in exchange. Lesniak and Scudiery were more than willing to throw the election by having Roth be the candidate to get Lesniak what he wanted, a few extra bucks in his pocket.

Anonymous said...

Union County with beaches? Trust fund baby Joe Vas campaign manager vin gopal for chairman?

Anonymous said...

trust fund baby? joe vas campaign manager? i don't think so on either

Anonymous said...

It looks like Michelle Roth had the prior web site deleted, so nobody would know the truth about what the company she's is writing public relations pieces for was doing. Fortunately, the story has been widely reported and can be found here as well:

Anonymous said...

Do yourself a favor and get off this sinking ship.Fact is they got her and it's gonna get worse.Their going as far back as her Hillside day's and things look bad.Wheeling funds or swapping idiots is not worth it anymore.Wait till the rest of the story comes out.This is the perfect political storm,limit your personel exposure.If I were you I would send her a free beach badge then change my number.