Friday, June 05, 2009

Christie: I Will Not Be Bound By Corzine's Deceptive Deal With CWA

Statement By Chris Christie On The Agreement Between Governor Corzine And CWA

PARSIPPANY, NJ - Chris Christie released the following statement regarding the hastily reached contract agreement by Governor Corzine and the Communication Workers of America (CWA) union:

"This agreement illustrates all that is wrong with Governor Corzine's timid style of governing. First, he was bullied into a bad deal costing taxpayers tens of millions of dollars. Just as bad, he tried to pretend that this deal represents savings when all it does is pass along higher costs to taxpayers in the years to come. While Governor Rell of Connecticut got hundreds of millions in savings from her public employees, Governor Corzine has once again sold out taxpayers for his public employee union friends.

As Governor, I will not be bound by this deceptive election year deal which once again hurts New Jersey taxpayers. I will impose the tough decisions Jon Corzine is unwilling to make for New Jersey."


M said...

Christie has struck the right cord here in criticizing the public employee unions, whose outlandish work rules choke our economy, while not trashing the trade unions. Public employee unions cannot be put into the same category as construction or trade unions where workers get no paid holidays or vacations, only get paid when they work, have no seniority rules, and whose power is basically economically driven (construction trades need a good economy to prosper) not politically driven. Even though trade union leadership is very pro-Democrat, the rank and file membership is decidedly more conservative. Christie, and any Republican politician for that matter, should be able to easily drive a wedge between the government unions and the trade unions by stating that basic republican values of smaller government and lower taxes will benefit the local construction economy leading to more real jobs for them. The Dems use large scale government projects like school construction, bridges, roads, etc to woo construction trades but the gains are too short lived and much too costly as Architect, engineers, and project management firms chew up too much of the money up front leaving the worker with short lived job gains. Christie needs to drive this wedge hard between the two labor forces over then next several months. The public will understand this all too well. Even more so now when the private sector is losing jobs rapidly while government workers rarely loose their’s.

Anonymous said...

Folks, please keep in mind, there are just plain MORE of "them", kind of like ants, bacteria, etc....this ain't a philosophical state: it's pizza-and-beer, grass-roots, home-rule, take-me-out-to-the-ballgame, local pub, concert-NJ: so, that being the given, here's a memo to all R's, candidates, and, for Heaven's sake, well-paid consultants: the only thing that'll move them is ANGER!!- if Christie starts postulizing, confusing, over-explaining himself, they'll totally zone-out and go BLUE,once again!!..