Monday, June 08, 2009

Christie: Corzine Is Timid And Allows Himself To Be Bullied

Calling Jon Corzine a governor who is "timid and allows himself to be bullied" by the state workers' unions and the special interests who put him into office, Chris Christie declared that he would use the emergency powers of the governor, and any other legal method available, not to honor Corzine's recent deal with the CWA.

Christie said that the deal's no layoffs provision will "hurt the taxpayers and hamstring the next governor. I won't be a part of it." He said that since Jim McGreevey took office there has been 15 new government jobs in New Jersey for every one private sector job, and that this can not continue. "In these difficult economic times with people genuinely hurting, the public employees have to share the pain with the taxpayers."

"Governor Corzine's claim that he has reduced the state workforce by 7,000 jobs is a fantasy. There are 80,000 state employees now. More than when Corzine took office," Christie said, citing the State's January 2008 financial report.

Christie said that Corzine's recent attack ads are an attempt to distract voters from what they really care about, and that he would not be distracted.


NFS said...

Corzine "rolled" pretty easily to a self-described street thug, Rocco Riccio. How can taxpayers take this timid Governor seriously?

carl said...

This is not the first time Corzine rolled over for the CWA and state employee unions.

He has no compunction against digging deeper into NJ taxpayers' wallets to line those of his friends and constituents (those that have never worked in a private job).