Thursday, June 11, 2009

Corzine: "Marriage Equality Is On The Ballot"

Times are tough. Things will get better. Obama is good.

Corzine was in Monmouth County last weekend.


Anonymous said...

the entire radical, left-wing agenda is totally out of control, and will only be curtailed, in favor of traditional values and some brakes on the spending, if the GOP finally, CLEARLY,stands for the majority of exhausted, overworked and overtaxed regular citizens, NOW!..

Anonymous said...

hope Christie realizes that their "ballot initiatives," i.e., Dem-turnout engines, will help cut into the big June 50-40% poll #'s real quick..I fear more arrogance and complacency, it ain't over til it's Nov. 4th!..

Anonymous said...

wait...this was a pro-Corzine ad?

God help us.