Saturday, June 06, 2009


Desperate Corzine already lying about Chris Christie's Record

Corzine Lie: Christie stands with the NRA

FACT: Chris Christie supports the assault weapons ban and all current gun laws. He opposes attempts to permit conceal and carry laws in New Jersey - hardly the NRA position.

Unlike Jon Corzine, Chris Christie will strictly enforce the gun laws against violent criminals, ending parole against violent felons and making bail harder to get for violent felons. The U.S. Attorney's Office, under Christie, did nearly 800 gun cases and broke up violent gangs in Camden, East Orange, Newark and Asbury Park, jailing hundreds of gang members. Here's Corzine's record: murders increased 9% last year, rapes jumped by 15% and burglaries increased by 7%. (Source: NJ Uniform Crime Report, 2008). While Jon Corzine wants to use gun laws to play the typical petty politics of the past, Chris Christie would toughen gun laws to fight criminals and make New Jersey safer - another job Jon Corzine has failed in as Governor.

Corzine Lie: Christie will cut environmental protection

FACT: Chris Christie fought hard to protect our environment as U.S. Attorney. In cases like U.S. v. Atlantic, Chris held polluters responsible for their crimes by jailing them and using their fine money to support NJ environmental non-profits and their work. Examples include:

U.S. v. Evergreen Corp., which produced fine money which purchased 300 additional acres at the Cape May National Wildlife Refuge and 120 additional acres at the Edwin Forsythe Wildlife refuge in Ocean County.

U.S. v. Wallenius Corp., which produce $1.65 million in fine money used for projects to protect the Hudson Raritan Estuary watershed.

U.S. v. Clipper Trojan Corp., which produced $1.5 million in fine money used by the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation exclusively for NJ environmental protection projects.

While Jon Corzine uses the environment for his untruthful smear ads, Chris Christie stands for protecting the environment including efficiently and carefully utilizing our resources. Chris opposes drilling off of the Jersey Shore and encourages the exploration of all types of alternative energy sources, including windmills. Jon Corzine's bloated, ineffective DEP is crushing business and not sufficiently protecting our environment. Christie's DEP would be smaller, smarter and more effective.

Corzine Lie: Chris Christie would cut health insurance coverage, including mammograms.
FACT: Completely untrue. Chris Christie would permit patients to decide what type of coverage they wanted, not cut coverage for anyone. He would give patients more options and get more people privately insured, not government-run health care as Jon Corzine advocates.

Corzine Lie: Chris Christie would give corporations fiscally irresponsible tax breaks
FACT: Chris Christie would cut taxes to create private sector jobs in New Jersey. The only thing irresponsible has been Jon Corzine's stewardship of the economy--highest unemployment rate in 16 years, no private sector job growth, and the worst business tax climate in America. Jon Corzine calls any tax cuts irresponsible--that is why he and his party have raised taxes and fees 103 times in the last seven years and driven New Jersey's economy into the ground.

Corzine Lie: Christie's property tax plan is a "fantasy".

FACT: The only tax plan which is a fantasy is the one Jon Corzine promised four years ago--a 40% increase in the property tax rebate program over four years. Now, four years later, Jon Corzine has proposed eliminating the plan for nearly every New Jerseyan and hitting middle class taxpayers with a big tax increase. Chris Christie will cut income taxes for all New Jerseyans, something Jon Corzine would never think of doing because he wants to continue to grow his bloated state government. New Jerseyans should understand that tax relief under Jon Corzine is the true fantasy.

The above statement is the Christie campaign's answer to the following Corzine ads:

Read Matt Rooney's commentary on the ads here.

That Corzine is spending money on these ads so early in the campaign is a sign of 1) desperation, 2) a sign of Christie's strength, and 3) an effort to get his poll numbers up before the pressure mounts from Trenton and Washington for him to drop out of the race to become Secretary of Toll Roads.

The Christie Team needs to have a Plan B, in case Corzine drops out. They can't be caught flat footed by Doug Forrester was in 2002 when Toricelli dropped out of the U.S Senate race.


Anonymous said...

Corzine Lie: Christie stands with the NRA

FACT: Chris Christie supports the assault weapons ban and all current gun laws. He opposes attempts to permit conceal and carry laws in New Jersey - hardly the NRA position.

So whats wrong with standing with the NRA?

Christie has a Problem said...

Christie has a problem. He ran in the primary as a conservative, in fact, he made the case he was more conservative than Lonegan.

Now that we're in the general, he is being attacked on his conservative views. Let's see how Christie responds. I predict he'll start spliting hairs on his "conservative" positions and run to the lefr - democrat light.

Anonymous said...

it's gonna get much more ugly, and how do you beat $30 mil??

Anonymous said...

actually, there's another really big problem: good writing, correct thinking, is not enough, and, this article shows that being too long to catch the attention of the sheep won't do it- it'll come down to: are enough people disgusted and mad enough??.. my guess is, nope..and, strategy-wise, while they do need a plan B, the D's have until like the middle of Sep' switch-out Bozo for a Codey or some other more palatable D..and, they can afford to do daily tracking polls here:so, good luck Chris, you need it!!

Christie has a Problem said...

Anonymous 10:40,
You are correct. The sheep explaination cannot be more than 5 words and each word must be no higher than a 4th grade level. Christie has no platform. The political rhetoric he got by with in the primary won't work in the general.

The people haven't had enough and Christie won't be able to distinguish himself from Corzine or whoever he ends up against.

Its Christie's election to loose and I don't see him or those around him pulling this off.

Chris said...

I don't care what's Christie's standing with the NRA, but I'd like him to uphold the 2nd Amendment.