Monday, June 01, 2009

FDU Poll: Christie 54% Lonegan 30%, 11% Undecided

A FDU Public Mind poll released this morning indicates that Chris Christie will win the GOP primary by a wide margin.

561 likely Republican primary voters statewide were surveyed by telephone from May 26, 2009 through May 30, 2009, and has a margin of error of +/- 4 percentage points.


stopthesocialists said...

Gee, all of Corzine's money, all of the Democrat governor's money that they pumped into Lonegan's campaign doesn't seem to have had much effect. Uh oh, Corzine is pulling out the heavy artillery though. They are getting that numbskull Joe Biden to kickoff Corzine's re-election bid.

Anonymous said...

How can anyone have faith in someone that has been caught lying?

Having one of his own campaign workers who raised quite a bit of money for him (and subsequently works for a law firm that received a no-bid contract from Christie)feeding off the public trough and he doesn't INSIST that the man stop earning credits in the pension system? WHAT A SHAM! Who is lying now?

Anonymous said...

Oh well guess if Christie wins we will be 100% sure the dems will control governor's seat no matter what come 2010, because is anyone thinks Christie is anything other then a moderate democrat you are not real Republicans

Anonymous said...

NJ needs a leader not a salesman. If this were an election to determine who I would buy kitchen cabinets from then I'd be voting for Lonegan. However, the state of NJ doesn't need a sales pitch and I don't need to be told that I am not a real Republican because I don't believe that Lonegan can beat Corzine. It's nice to see that the National Democratic Governors Association believes in Lonegan so much that they are pumping money into negative Christie ads to help ensure that Corzine crushes Lonegan in the fall. I find this type of support an indictment to any Republican that would even consider running for Governor against that tyrant we have in Trenton.

stopthesocialists said...

Hey anonymous 9:31 - do you have any evidence that Christie is a moderate Democrat, besides the garbage Steve has been putting out in his hit pieces? On that note, Lonegan has been such a disappointment. For a guy with good ideas and incredible determination, he has done nothing but attack Christie knowing that he couldn't win on his own merits. Just to show you how dishonest Steve has been, Time/Warner had to pull one of Lonegan's ads because it wasn't an 80% lie or a 90% lie - it was 100% untrue and would have put the company in a libelous position. Desperation and dishonest mudslinging does not inspire confidence and that is why Christie is ahead by 24 points.

Anonymous said...

Only in NJ would anyone argue that Cristie is a Republican. The sad thing there are probably more RINOs running the party in this state then real Republicans. NJ is done.

Chris said...

Anon 9:36, hahaha, so we don't need a businessman to run the state, we need just another lawyer? :-)

Di Marco said...

Will Republicans make another mistake?

With more and more negative revelations about Christie’s past coming to the fore, there is little chance that he could win in a contest against Jon Corzine. Christie’s only attribute that he could point to was his prosecutorial career as US Attorney. Unfortunately, his ethics and judgment are clearly in question now. Many of the cases he prosecuted fall into two categories. Either they served to aggrandize his image and ingratiate himself within the Republican Party or they financially benefitted his family or friends. Over time, who knows if more will be discovered? Corzine, with all his money, will be able to paint Christie as someone who is just as corrupt as those he helped put in jail.

Christie and the so-called leaders within the GOP know this. That is why our answering machines and mailboxes are filled with negative attack ads containing unbelievable distortions of his opponent’s proposals, while at the same time refusing to provide any specifics of his plans.

Not only will Christie not be able to beat Corzine, he will have a negative impact on the entire Republican Party. Because so many in the Party endorsed Christie, they will be shown to have condoned Christie’s actions. They will be found guilty by association. This is how the democrats won back Congress in 2006. They took the Mark Foley incident and a few corrupt Congressmen and made it look like anyone with an (R) after their name was complicit.

Some have supported Christie because they thought a true conservative could not win in New Jersey. Even though moderate after moderate that the party establishment pushed upon us goes down to defeat in a statewide contest, they cling to this belief. The frequent refrain is that they lost because conservatives sat out the November elections. I do not believe this is true. We almost always vote for the Republican because he/she is the lesser evil. What we do not do is show the same enthusiasm for the non-conservative Republican. We cannot effectively stump for the moderate Republican candidate because we frankly do not believe in their message. We are left to beg people to vote for our guy because the other guy is worse. I believe that if you cannot show a viable reason for people to vote for you, you will fail to convince enough people to vote against your opponent.

It is time for Republicans to declare our independence from the GOP bosses and select candidates that stand for something other than maintaining the status quo and their declining grip on power. Doing this now will avoid the destruction of the GOP in New Jersey.

Anonymous said...

Do I fear that Christie will be less then conservative on some issues. Yes. Especially on appointing Judges. Do I think Christie is honest ( at least as honest as a politician can be)? I do. Is he the best person to beat Corzine. yes. Will he do a better job then Corzine? I think so. This whole thing about his aid haveing a part time job is nonsense. First if he limited himself to hiring politicians who do not do things like that he would have 3 people working for him. The guy is playing by the current rules. Christie will try to change those rules. Untill then he can not be expected to ostracize everyone who works the system by the rules.

I do not agree with either candidate on all positions. The last candidate I felt that way about was Schundler. I do not however believe Christie is a rino or a whitman. If I did I would not vote for him.
Lonegan can not win a statewide election Christie can .
Finally Lonegan is a demagoge. I do not trust demagoges