Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Another Day Of Town Hall Meetings

Today Congressman Rush Holt will hold a Town Hall meeting on health care at the Middletown Arts Center at 7PM.

Fair Haven Mayor Mike Halfacre, who is challenging Holt next year, will hold his own Town Hall meeting at the Arts Center at 5:30.

The Middletown Arts Center is next door to the Middletown Train Station.

For our readers from the 3rd Congressional District, Congressman John Adler is coming out of hiding today.

Energy Expo
Wednesday, August 26, 2009
4:00 pm — 7:00 pm
Burlington County Institute of Technology (Westampton Campus)
695 Woodlane Road
Westampton, NJ

Join Congressman Adler to learn how seniors, middle class families and small businesses can save money on utility and gas bills. Participants include NJ Transit, Pinelands Preservation Alliance, Solar Design Consultant, Wired 2 Save, Burlington County Government, American Capital Energy, NJ Natural Gas and more!

Adler voted for the "cap and trade" bill, which if it becomes law will raise the cost of energy for all. But come and hear how to save money on utility and gas bills.


Lets Stay Together said...

I was disappointed to read in the APP that Middletown Mayor, Pam Brightbill, a Republican, will be reading the questions at the Rush Holt town hall. This does not do the party or candidates any favors. Holt will use this as a photo op showing him with Republicans.

Republican mayors in other towns have stayed away from Holt town halls over the years.

Stop the pandering. I see too much of it from Republicans in this state.

Chris said...

I think in every town the Mayor hosted the event. I'm hoping that with Pam as the MC, our questions will definitely be heard

Anonymous said...

Mayor Brightbill did not moderate. She never agreed to do this for Holt and he moderated the session himself.