Thursday, August 27, 2009

Corzine Team: "IT'S NOT FUNNY!"

The Corzine campaign thinks the faux press releases the Christie campaign released today stink.

"They may think it's funny, but a federal prosecutor using their power to pressure local law enforcement into giving them preferential treatment is no laughing matter," said Corzine spokeswoman Elisabeth Smith. "In fact, several public officials in New Jersey have been forced to resign over the very same thing. At the end of the day, it is more and more evident that Christie has always had one set of rules for himself and another for everyone else."

The Democratic National Committee took a break from calling average Americans who are opposed to ObamaCare "mobs" and "neanderthals" to weigh in.

Democratic National Committee spokesman Michael Czin said,

“The Christie campaign must have produced their new ad over the last few days while avoiding questions about Christie’s law breaking conversations with Karl Rove, his secret loans and a mysterious traffic stop. Instead of mocking the news, maybe they could spend their time answering the people’s questions about the important issues facing New Jersey. The only thing that's a mockery is Chris Christie lecturing anyone about ethics,” he said.

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Anonymous said...

Corzine arguing that Christie wants "a different set of rules for himself" is comical. Wasn't Governor Corzine in a State Police convoy that crashed going over 85 miles per hour?