Thursday, August 20, 2009

Corzine's Priorities

When he's speaking on MSNBC, Jon Corzine says his first, second and third priorities are the New Jersey economy.

But what does he say when speaking to an even friendlier audience?

Corzine had a conference call with Blue Jersey bloggers yesterday. He told them:

I hope you are all as convinced as I am that progressive politics is on the ballot.

Corzine named the stakes:

Marriage equality ...collective bargaining ...the Death Penalty stays repealed ...we expand health care at the state level ... close achievement gaps at the state level.

Close the acheivement gap at the state level?

Does that mean that Corzine has a magic formula for low acheivers? Or does it mean that he wants to take from high acheivers and give to low acheivers? The latter is the quickest way to close the acheivement gap, because the high acheivers will leave in a hurry, leaving only the low acheivers behind.

That's a brilliant way to revive the economy. Yeeesh.

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stopthesocialists said...

I am so friggin sick of this liberal, socialist garbage. The good news is, I know many people who have been, at best, apolitical who are now engaged and finally waking up to what these clowns are pushing. The Democrats are making a huge mistake by attacking and dismissing the outraged citizens at these town halls. Next stop - the Rush Holt meeting on socialized healthcare.