Monday, August 17, 2009

Enough Already

By Dan Gallic

There is nothing less I would like to be doing right now then to be writing a blog post but Corzine's desperate campaign has really gotten to the laughable quicker than any other campaign in New Jersey's recent history, and that includes the Unanue debacle spearheaded by the former NJGOP brain-trust Rick Wright.

Corzine's camp just released "damning", quotes are needed here because otherwise I would not be able to actually type it without laughing to the point of exhaustion, evidence that Chris Christie loan a staffer some money because she was in too deep with credit card debt and her husband just lost her job. And this is a knock on Christie? Huh?

Wait, let me get this straight. Corzine is actually criticizing Christie for helping out a colleague, albeit one of lower standing within the office, with a loan. This is the same corzine that donated a cool $6,000,000 to the former lover/Union President Karla "I need to be a Kardashian" Katz foundation and another $500,000 to her brother, who fancies himself a yellow tabloid author, in supposed hush money? The same Corzine who re-nominated the Pension Board members who lost nearly $36 BILLION in pension money in the last twelve months, including a last minute $175,000,000 investment to Lehman Bros, shortly before it's demise? (Even though the Pension Board members hailed from Lehman Bros.) This is the same Corzine who buckled to Union demands of higher salaries and more hires even though we are $10,000,000,000 in the hole (and that is just '10 projections!). This is the same Corzine who spent nearly 30% of his time NOT as governor, galavanting the country pitching Hillary Clinton's worthiness for the highest election position in the land while his own state suffered under massive bureaucratic red tape and anti-business regulation put upon it by the same people who endorsed his opponent today?

ENOUGH! I hate to say this, because it came back to bite the Republicans in the arse when Forrester was running against "The Torch", but Corzine really needs to throw in the towel while he has a scant measure of dignity left.

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