Wednesday, August 19, 2009

NJ Unemployment Rises While Nation's Decline's. Corzine Brags About It

13,000 New Jobs in New Jersey

Dear Art,

By now, you've probably seen the Gun Lobby-sponsored Republican advertising against me. You know, the ones that say, "watch what he does, not what he says."

Well, the new numbers on job creation in New Jersey came out today, so, for a change of pace, let's listen to the Republicans and take a close look at what my administration has done about creating jobs in New Jersey:

*13,000 private sector jobs were added last month because of our business-friendly policies.
*At the same time, our continued focus on increasing efficiency in government led to a reduction in 7,000 public sector jobs.
*Our state-wide unemployment rate continues to remain below the national average.

These are inescapable, indisputable facts that our first-in-the-nation economic recovery package is working, and that not only are businesses staying in New Jersey, but they're actually growing. Small businesses are taking advantage of the programs we're offering in the state, and job creation numbers are going up as a result.

Not even Karl Rove can spin that success away.

Since the earliest days of this national crisis, I've made New Jersey's economy my first, second, and third priority. I was determined to ensure that our state is well-positioned to take advantage when this global economic recession turns around, and we are beginning to see the effects.

We're seeing these results because we put New Jersey's share of the federal stimulus right to work into transportation and infrastructure projects, passed programs like the Invest New Jersey initiative which offers a $3000 grant to small-business for every new job created, and signed a second economic stimulus package two weeks ago to ensure that we keep New Jersey's recovery going strong.

Make no mistake, we still have a long way to go and there is much work still to be done, but my administration's recovery initiatives are fostering job creation, while President Obama's recovery program is helping to restore economic confidence.

Together, we're making real progress for New Jersey.

Governor Jon Corzine

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NFS said...

It appears Egohead is even taking credit for those hardworking people who probably put every dime, drop of blood, sweat and tears they owned to open their own businesses.

Also, from the NJDOL and Workforce website:

“New Jersey’s private sector employment is trending in the right direction,” said Labor Commissioner David J. Socolow. “Governor Corzine’s economic recovery initiatives are fostering job creation, and the nation’s recovery program is helping to restore economic confidence. As a result, New Jersey has laid the groundwork for a recovery marked by stronger job growth when the global recession ends.”

Sounds like state workers are campaiging for Corzine on the taxpayer's dime and using a taxpayer funded website to do so.

stopthesocialists said...

In the meantime, just Corzine signed another piece of job-killing legislation that will put solar panels out of the reach of most homeowners and businesses, which will certainly result in less jobs in that sector.