Monday, August 24, 2009

Preparation For This Week's Town Hall Meetings

Chris Fotache at RightInJersey has compiled comprehensive about HR 3200 and a list of questions for Congressmen Pallone and Holt. Find your homework here. Thank you Chris.

Pallone's Monmouth County forum is tomorrow, August 25 at the Red Bank Middle School, 101 Harding Rd, Red Bank. 7PM

Holt's Town Hall meeting is Wednesday, August 26 at the Middletown Arts Center. 7PM

Fair Haven Mayor Mike Halfacre will hold a meeting preceding Holt's, at 5:30, outside the Arts Center, weather permitting.


ambrosiajr said...

Will this just be a huge talking point bitch session? Or will there be any kind of constructive ideas put forth.

And I think its kind of foolish for people our age NOT to have a discussion on end of life care, or have a living will to exactly spell out what they would like, one way or the other. We're not getting any younger Art...

Chris said...

Rick, I'm sorry... you're asking for constructive ideas, but actually the burden of proof in this case is on you guys. We have the best health care in the world, and a great majority of the Americans are happy with their health insurance, so if you want to spend trillions of dollars to change this, it's you who must convince us it's worthy.

ambrosiajr said...

Very nice Chris...not wanting to contribute, just to complain. YOU may be happy with your healthcare, but if you think that there is no need to fix anything, then you have been living like an ostrich. Maybe this isn't the best bill that's been put forward, but something has to happen. And so what if the uninsured number is ONLY 15 million as some have said...that's still 15 Million more than it should be.

Chris said...

Rick, I thought it was you guys complaining first, that's why you came up with this bill. I'm just complaining about your complaining. And if the number is 15 million, should we ruin healthcare for the entire US, just for 5% of the people who are not insured?

But if you want to improve it, I have some suggestions:
- tort reform
- a move to high deductibles, HSA accounts and lower premiums
- allow insurers to compete across state lines