Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Is "yeeesh" a word?

Not, according to or the Merriam-Webster online dictionary.

Yet, the Asbury Park Press used the "word" in reference to Governor Corzine in an editorial today.

Maybe they meant "Sheesh" which is a euphemistic way to say poo poo or use the Lord's name in vain as an expression of annoyance, surprise or disgust. That would fit with the tenor of their editorial.

The APP was editorialising about this appearance Corzine made on MSNBC's Morning Joe yesterday.

If you don't have six minutes to watch the video, Corzine said that his service as a sergeant in the Marine Corp will trump his reputation as a Wall Street insider in the minds of New Jersey voters. Funny, I don't recall that part of his resume from the 2005 campaign or any mention of it until just recently.

Corzine also said that New Jersey's terrible economy is not his fault or the fault of his policies. Didn't he say last week that his actions and policies prevented an economic melt down? Doesn't he have a web ad that says he saw the recession coming and took action to stop it?

He said, "My line is, Why would you want to give the keys to the State House to the people who made a mess of the White House?"



Anonymous said...

Scariest quote for me was: "the growing income disparity in the country/state has to be addressed." Hey ... can someone make that jokerface socialism poster with Corzine on it??

Trevanian said...

I don't see Corzine giving his money to the poor, the money he "earned" by doing nothing of any value to society whatsoever, the money he "earned" by engaging in what amounts to nothing more than legalized gambling with a stacked deck, the same legalized gambling that brought this country's economy to its knees. It was that money, that was "earned" with no useful contribution to society, that allowed him to get elected in the first place. His crocodile tears about the "growing income disparity" ring a little hollow, don't they?

Joe Hadden said...

Let's face it, our Governor is nothing more than an empty suit with deep pockets.

He isn't even articulate. I expect a guy who's going to blow smoke up my ass to have a little more polish than that.

stopthesocialists said...

If he's worried about income disparity he can start by divesting himself of about $300 million. Surely he can do more good by driving through Camden or Newark throwing bills out the window, than he can by dumping his money into county and local races. Maybe he can get Carla to join him and throw some of her money out the window too.