Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Bella Vista Country Club Announcement Re GOP Fundraiser

Country Club provides outstanding service to its members regardless of political affiliations.

Marlboro, New Jersey, September 14, 2009

Bella Vista is a private Country Club that often hosts events sponsored by its members. We are proud to have member families affiliated with both local political parties who enjoy the amenities and privileges of Membership. The Management of Bella Vista does not favor one political party over the other; rather, the Club seeks to provide its members with the highest level of service and respect that is expected from Country Club membership.

It is the policy of the Club to allow Member sponsored events for fundraising purposes. In order for this type of event to occur, it must be "sponsored" by a Member in good standing. This year, one of our members, Al Rosenthal, was scheduled to sponsor a fund raiser for the Marlboro Township Republican Council Candidates on September 16, 2009. While none of the candidates are members of the club, we were looking forward to hosting this event on behalf of Mr. Rosenthal and his group, just as we have done for members from both sides of the aisle for the many years since we have owned the Country Club.

Last week, we were contacted by Mr. Rosenthal who advised that he no longer wished to sponsor the event. Unfortunately, Mr. Rosenthal's non-member guests caused their email invitations for this event to contain negative propaganda against certain members of the Country Club, that Mr. Rosenthal found out of line with the status and d├ęcor of the Club's Membership. The withdrawal of the sponsorship resulting in the cancellation of the event was Mr. Rosenthal's decision, and his alone. While we did receive inquiries from several members concerning this invitation, Bella Vista Country Club did not cancel the event, nor was such cancellation at the behest of the Marlboro Mayor, or any other political figure.


Anonymous said...

Man is that the biggest CYA release you've ever read?

Keep pushing it Marlboro must be working!!

Anonymous said...

Well Gibardi cannot climb out of this hole. Why do I critisize Gibardi and not the candidates? Because Gibardi is the chair of the Party. His ego has come before Party and candidates and this campaign, already withering is his responsibility.

He has alienated 1/2 the Republican party base causing the split in Marlboro which is what lost the election in 2007. Granted the Dem Mayoral candidate was stronger than the GOP but not even one council seat won with two incumbants running? Now Gibardi is on the verge of handing a 5-0 majority to the Dems again. Gibardi must go.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Gallagher as a long time respected Republican in Monmouth county I am sure you personally know the Republican players in Marlboro. Especially Al Rosenthal. He is a long-time GOP loyalist, fund raiser, past president of the Republican club and party leader. As he is his own man, there is NO WAY he was pushed into something he didn't want to do. If he felt pushed he is a powerful enough man to push back, especially if pressuered by Mayor Hornik. I believe Al and the Mayor on this one. as one other poster said, this is another example of the Marlboro GOP leadership shooting thier candidates in the foot.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Man is that the biggest CYA release you've ever read?

What are you reading? It quotes the sponsor himself, a Marlboro Republican who substantiates what everyone but Gibardi has said all along. If it was so selfserving, why would Art publish it? Anonymous must be someone in the GOP leadership trying to CYA themselves.

Anonymous said...

Al Rosenthal, a Republican loyalist? hahahahha

The same Al Rosenthal who lead the Republicans for Hornik?

The same Al Rosenthal who is trying to get his grandson on the Marlboro PD and will do anything Hornik tells him to do?

Please. the email that was sent that was supposedly so offensive to Mayor Hornik and Al Rosenthal. Lets see if it was really over the top or it was just basic campaign stuff and Al Rosenthal and the CC folded up like cheap suits because Hornik is worried about a Republican landslide in November.

Anonymous said...

Can we disown Marlboro Republicans, or just Gibardi?

Seriously, this is getting pathetic.

Mario G. needs to step in and kick some ass.

Art Gallagher said... the email that was sent that was supposedly so offensive to Mayor Hornik and Al Rosenthal. Lets see if it was really over the top or it was just basic campaign stuff and Al Rosenthal and the CC folded up like cheap suits because Hornik is worried about a Republican landslide in November.

Here it is:

Subj: Is Bella Vista supporting this message Gary?
Date: 9/10/2009 12:09:38 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time

Sent from the Internet (Details)
From: Jack L. Zatz
Sent: Saturday, September 05, 2009 1:55 PM
Subject: Happy Labor Day - HOLD THE DATE - September 16 for an Important MARLBORO
Hello Fellow Marlboro Republicans and Friends-
Happy Labor Day Weekend! The weather is supposed to be great so it should be a fun holiday
weekend for all.
My name is Jack Zatz and I am one of your three Republican candidates for Marlboro Township
Council - running with Carol Mazzola and Selika Josiah-Gore. As a ticket, we represent your best
opportunity to STOP the runaway taxes, unnecessary government spending, and support smart
growth for Marlboro while preserving open space. - - But most importantly, we are your CHECKS
AND BALANCES against a "Corzine + Hornik + 5 Democrats on the Council" rubber stamping
through more bad policy and out of control spending.
Yes there have been divisions and rifts within our local Republican Club and party since the last
mayoral election in Marlboro. But its time to leave that baggage at the door! Carol, Selika, and I
bring a new, fresh "no baggage" approach as Marlboro Republicans here to do what is best for
our Marlboro. So please - Do not "cut off your nose to spite your face" - you may not agree with
some other Marlboro Republicans - in fact you may intensely dislike them, but ask yourself. . . .
Can we afford to hand over this November 3 election to a Hornik + 5-Democrat Council with no
one on the council to question their agenda?? - - -
I need your support!!!
I am asking you to come out and support our ticket "ZATZ - MAZZOLA - GORE" on Wednesday,
September 16 from 7 to 9 pm at the beautiful Bella Vista Country Club right here in Marlboro
Township. This will be our premiere CAMPAIGN EVENT and there will be hors d'oeurvres and
refreshments. We are asking for a $50 donation per person and you will find this event will be well
worth it! (we would appreciate larger donations if you can afford to give more). Furthermore, we
are expecting several surprise dignitaries to show up. SO don't hesitate - - Call or email NOW to
reserve your place at the September 16 Bella Vista ZATZ-MAZZOLA-GORE Campaign Event!!
(Invitation attached below to this email).
Feel free to contact me directly to RSVP if you are attending
You can RSVP via FaceBook (assuming you have a FaceBook Profile
RSVP by calling 732-462-8262 or email
Print, fill out, and mail back the attached PDF form with your check.

Anonymous said...

Sad. Seems nobody can run on their own merits and plans anymore just spew the same old sound bite BS. This is why the gov race is such a joke. Two political hacks just slaming each other without presenting any meaningful plans or promises. I weep for the days of Reagan and the GOP congressional contract with America. America is ready for real Republicans to step up and lead, shame they are so few.

Anonymous said...

I heard that there were TWO additional members of the Bella Vista that cheerfully offered to step up and replace Al Rosenthal as the host of the GOP event when Al backed out under pressure from the mayor. Gary (Bella Vista owner) said that he would not have the event at his club regardless. You figure it out.

By the way, the "anonymous" that keeps slamming Mr. Gibardi must really have some kind of personal vengence against the guy - seems to me Gibardi is doing a fine job - he got the GOP's function moved to the Colts Neck Inn and it looks like they had a good turn-out after all. (I wish I could have been there!)
And it is the 3 candidates we should be talking about anyway. I am very impressed with them and I CERTAINLY do NOT want to have a mayor and council of 5 that are all from the same party, whether Dems or Republicans!! - (Especially after what the mayor did here).

Anonymous said...

another example of the strong-armed tactics of people who are so small-minded, and desperate for power and influence, it blinds their sensibilities: bullying as a leader is an example of folks who have bad self-esteem and need to feel "big"..whatever really occurred, they're stuck at the moment,and have to live there..who can sell anything and re-locate in this market?.. WE'RE ALL PRETTY MUCH STUCK WHERE WE ARE, AT THIS POINT, thanks to the "gypsies,tramps, and thieves" whom we've allowed to run over us with regulation and oppressive taxation!.. it begins at the BOTTOM this year, the locals will send a strong message if we can make inroads into Dem majorities!.. be inspired and purposed!! WIN, little R's, WIN!....