Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Does Anyone Have Photos Of Sean Byrnes With Jon Corzine?

I've searched all over the Internet and I can't find a photo of Sean Byrnes and Jon Corzine together. If anyone has one, please send it to me.

I can't imagine why this is. No photos of Byrnes and Corzine on the Freeholder candidate's website or facebook page. Heck, Corzine's photo, or any mention of his name for that matter, is no where to be found on the County Democratic website. That's odd.

Byrnes was front and center at the Obama/Corzine rally in Holdmel. Certainly someone snapped a photo. What about photos from the Dems' County convention where Corzine and Byrnes were both nominated.

I heard Malcolm Carton has a video of Brynes with LG candidate Loretta Weinberg, but he won't give it up. If I can't find a photo of Brynes and Corzine, maybe Carton will send me the video.

As the campaign season approaches full swing, it is nice to have photos of the candidates on file for blog postings. Any help readers can provide in acquiring these rare photos and video will be much appreciated, and might keep me from creating parody photos.

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