Friday, September 18, 2009

Jon Corzine's Job Creation Plan: "Go to North Dakota"

"If you want to go to a real low unemployment rate, go to North Dakota." - Governor Jon Corzine to Unemployed New Jerseyans, 9/15/09

PARSIPPANY, NJ - Jon Corzine's New Jersey has record-breaking 9.7 percent unemployment, the highest in the region behind 8 other states. Families are struggling. Record numbers of jobs are leaving the state. More and more New Jerseyans are losing their homes. And what is Jon Corzine's answer to reversing the highest unemployment rate we've seen in 32 years? Leave the state and move to North Dakota.

The fact that Jon Corzine's only solution to our state's near double-digit unemployment rate is for New Jerseyans to leave in order to find a job, makes clear he is unfit to lead our state out of the economic crisis he helped cause. The notion that New Jerseyans who are unemployed should move to North Dakota to find a quality-paying job is insensitive, insulting and out of touch.

Jon Corzine has wrecked our state's economy and driven more and more jobs away due to his burdensome taxes and irresponsible spending. One thing is clear, come November, Jon Corzine will be the one moving to North Dakota in search of a new job.

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