Thursday, September 10, 2009

Paul Mulshine Has Tunnell Vision

My recent interview with Chris Christie caught the attention of Star Ledger columnist Paul Mulshine.

Mulshine, who rarely has nice things to say about blogs or bloggers, used my video interview with Christie twice today on In his first post he didn't bother to credit my work, referring to me only as "a blogger." He recovered his professionalism in his second post with a credit and a link. Welcome Mulshine readers.

I know Paul listened carefully to the interview because he did a commendable job transcribing it. Unfortunately, Paul, despite his transcription skills, didn't hear what Christie or I said, particularly about property taxes. That's either because he doesn't want to or because he can't. Paul's either focused on his own agenda or his mind is so closed that he can't hear outside of the narrow paradigm between his ears.

I'll write a thorough response to Mulshine over the weekend. It is late now and tomorrow I'm focused on meeting payroll and 9 11 memorials.

Tune in Monday.


I'm wondering how many readers Mulshine actually has. As of 10:10 am on 09-11-09 this site has received a grand total of 3 visitors from Mulshine's post. When ever this blog is mentioned in the forums my traffic spikes substantially. 3 visitors in 12 hours? Christie probably has the right idea in ignoring Paul.

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