Monday, September 07, 2009

The Second Damn Republican Kate Mellina Will Vote For

After meeting with Chris Christie at the Chapter House I wanted to quickly edit the video, post it and go off to a BBQ on the beach. But I had this nagging thought that Kate Mellina's House Party for Chris would be worth checking out. After viewing the video of my interview with Christie, I decided I didn't really need the BBQ and headed over to Kate's.

Mellina is well known in Monmouth County as a clean government activist. She is a self proclaimed Liberal Democrat. She is a former Asbury Park Councilwoman. She has endorsed Chris Christie for Governor.

These videos will probably not go viral. They are too long and there is nothing scandalous or outrageous about them. However, they are extraordinary. More accurately, Chris and Kate are extraordinary. If enough New Jersey voters see this side of Christie the election will not be close.

In the first video, Kate introduces Chris and explains her support of him. She gives an insiders view into corruption in Asbury Park, her frustrations in fighting it, and how that changed as a result of her calls to Chris. Chris acknowledges the difference Kate made and shares his experience of the early days of the Operation Bid Rig investigation into Monmouth County corruption and the changes that have occurred since the arrests that shook our county to the core.

In the second video, Chris shares tales from the campaign trail and why he is not hitting back at Corzine with below the belt ads.

In closing his remarks to Kate's guests, Chris speaks about liberty and democracy. He points to the inspiration he draws from John and Abigail Adams, as they were depicted in David McCullough's biography.

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Anonymous said...

sorry, Art, but the LAST damn thing we need in Monmouth this year is ANY references to Bid Rig: and, who cares about Asbury, politically, they're nothing but a drain on good gov't.and the working folks who pay all the taxes.. it's been 4 long, ardurous years of "chicken" admin's and "leaders", and constant harassment from the APP, and a lot of foot-soldier and grunt work to get us to recover and move forward..please, dump this whole idea, we feel it needs to be "County first", before anything can start to be righted!..