Thursday, September 17, 2009

Senator Joe Kyrillos Calls on Governor Jon Corzine to Pull Down Erroneous Economic Recovery Ad

New Job Numbers Contradict Ad's Claim

PARSIPPANY, NJ - Today, Christie-Guadagno Campaign Chair, Senator Joe Kyrillos, called on Governor Jon Corzine to pull down his latest campaign television advertisement that falsely claims an economic recovery in the face of another month of rising unmployment:

"As unemployment climbs higher and higher in New Jersey and revised July job creation numbers are smaller than previously indicated, Jon Corzine's latest ad not only falsely maintains he has put us on the path to economic recovery, but touts incorrect and blatantly erroneous numbers. As hundreds of thousands of New Jerseyans continue to search for work, it is not only misleading, but also in unbelievably bad form, for Jon Corzine to immediately seize on such nominal job growth as an achievement when so many families are hurting and we have the highest unemployment rate in 33 years. Our economic situation is bleak, and no amount of Corzine's false, rosy rhetoric will provide relief for the day-to-day struggles faced by New Jersey families. Governor Corzine's campaign should recognize the suffering of these New Jerseyans and immediately pull the ad from broadcast."

Jon Corzine's Ad, "Through," Transcript:

Only one candidate can lead us through these tough times. Jon Corzine created the nation's first economic recovery plan. It's beginning to work. Thousands of new private sector jobs, bucking the national trend. He cut four billion in spending and delivered more property tax relief than any governor, but Chris Christie's so partisan he'd reject President Obama's stimulus funds. Driving up property taxes $2 billion dollars. Chris Christie. The same Bush policies that got us into this mess.

In Jon Corzine's Parallel Universe... His Leadership Created Thousands of New Private Sector Jobs in New Jersey.

In The Real World... New Jerseyans Struggle More Than Any State in the Region to Find Work.

New Jersey's Unemployment Rate Has Gone From 4.8% at the Beginning of Corzine's Term to 9.7% Today. (Bureau of Labor Statistics Website, Accessed: 09/16/09)

177,000 More New Jerseyans Were Unemployed in July, 2009 Compared to July, 2008. (Bureau of Labor Statistics Website, Accessed: 09/08/09)

In August, New Jersey's Unemployment Rate Continues to be the Highest in the Region at 9.7%, Increasing From 9.3% in July. (All figures according to United States Department of Labor Website, accessed: 09/16/09)

In Jon Corzine's Parallel Universe... New Jersey Created 13,000 New Private Sector Jobs Just Last Month.

In The Real World... The Revised Number of Jobs Created Was Revised to 5,600, Less Than Half of the Originally Reported Number. (Department of Labor and Workforce Development Website, accessed: 09/16/09)
In Jon Corzine's Parallel Universe... He Created the Nation's First Economic Recovery Plan.

In The Real World... It Was New York's Governor David Paterson, Not New Jersey's Governor Corzine, Who Established the National Model, Leading the Country in Designing Laws to Address the Growing Foreclosure Crisis First. "August 5, 2008: Governor David A. Paterson today signed into law a critical subprime lending reform bill which directly addresses the mortgage crisis in New York State...The new law will immediately help protect people from losing their homes and mandates reforms to help avoid a similar crisis in the future. ...This bill - a Governor's Program Bill (S.8143-A/A.10817-A) passed by the state Legislature in June - works in two ways: immediately helping to prevent New Yorkers from losing their homes by assisting those who are currently facing foreclosure, and by attacking flaws in New York's banking regulations to prevent such a crisis from happening again. It also served as a model for recent federal action as well." (New York Department of Banking Press Release 08/05/2008)

In Jon Corzine's Parallel Universe... He Cut $4 Billion in Spending and That is an Accomplishment.

In The Real World... Jon Corzine Has Raised Taxes and Ballooned Future Deficits.

Governor Corzine's 2010 Budget Raises Taxes by Another $1.2 Billion. (FY 2010 Budget)

Jon Corzine Has Left FY2011 with a Projected $8 Billion Deficit. (Josh Margolin, "N.J. short $8 billion, report say," The Star-Ledger, 07/22/09)

In Jon Corzine's Parallel Universe... He Delivered More Property Tax Relief Than Any Other Governor.

In The Real World... Our Property Taxes Have Gone Up 17% Since Governor Corzine Came Into Office, Costing the Average New Jerseyan an Additional $1,023. (New Jersey Department of Community Affairs Website, Accessed 07/10/09)

For FY2010 Budget, According to Rutgers Economist James Hughes, Almost All New Jerseyans are Guaranteed to See an Additional Increase of 3 to 4 Percent in Their Property Taxes. (David Matthau, "New State Budget Will Whack the Typical Jersey Family, Millennium Radio, 06/25/09)

Jon Corzine Cut $970 Million in Property Tax Rebates For Millions of Middle Class New Jerseyans. (FY2010 Budget)

New Jersey Have the HIGHEST Property Tax Revenue Per Capita of Any State. (The Tax Foundation, "State and Local Property Taxes Per capita and per household," accessed: 09/08/09)

New Jersey Property Taxes Have Risen Almost 55% in 7 Years - Twice the Rate of Inflation. (Department of Community Affairs, Division of Local Government Services Website, Accessed 6/4/09)

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How true: we must all keep telling folks: now we know WHOM to blame for the disasters on both fed. and state levels, and how they need to get him out!! -anyone feel Bozo's recovered anything for any of US, except the usual leftist,goons/masses/sheep, for HIM??