Thursday, September 10, 2009

What's A Freeholer? Ask Vin

Word out of Airport Plaza is that the Monmouth Democrats are very upset about the ByrnesForFreeholer banner that graced our beautiful shores this weekend and that they have demanded their $900 back for the aerial advertising company.

But is that small business really responsible? Should they have to eat it?

Former Kucinich for President operative and fledgling newspaper mogul, Brynes supporter Vin Gopal could be the culprit.

Check out this entry on the New Jersey Democrats Facebook Wall:

Vin Gopal (Penn State) wrote
at 2:33pm on April 15th, 2009
Please join the facebook group supporting Democratic Nominee Sean F. Byrnes for Monmouth County Freeholer -->

And that's not all! I googled "Freeholer, Vin Gopal." 542 entries. Vin's been using that word for quite some time now.


stopthesocialists said...

And this guy is publishing a newspaper? Who proofreads the articles, Stevie Wonder?

Anonymous said...

Oh, Art - the reason there are 542 entries is because Goodle is smarter than you are. It shows the entries for Freeholder, not Freeholer.

Anonymous said...

anon 11:00 - What is "Goodle?"

Anonymous said...

The Democratic Party in Hazlet's interests would be better served if they put a muzzle on their 12th District Assembly candidate Michelle Roth who engaged in a ten minute rant against the highly decorated and respected Chief of Police as part of her continued attempt to control the police department. If there is a copy in the district that votes for her, I'll be amazed. Copies of the taping of her rant are already circulating showing her for the vicious out of control nut that she is. Byrnes may be running for freeholer, but she is going to be the blackholer of the democratic party in Monmouth County.

Anonymous said...

that should be "cop" in the 12:12:00 post as in "If there's a cop in the district that votes for her, I'll be amazed" rather than "copy"

Anonymous said...

nice catch art - although the google search only picks up 1 entry with freeholer and vin and thats your post