Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Annual Freeholders Dinner

Affiliated Republican Club Annual GOP Freeholders' Dinner

Freeholder Lillian G. Burry,

Freeholder Robert D. CLifton,

Freeholder Candidate John P. Curley,

Invite you to the annual Freeholders Dinner!

Monday, October 12, 2009

700 Highway 71
Spring Lake Heights

Cocktails 6:00pm (cash bar)

Prime Rib Dinnner 7:00pm

$50.00 p/p / Table of 8 for $400.00

Invitation: Freeholders Dinner

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Reserve On-line: Freeholders Dinner


Anonymous said...

thanks, Art: join the crowd: we're told we're up to nearly 200!!ps: let's all get in win-mode,now: anyone who is able-bodied and wants to help John Curley take back the Freeholder Board, please call county HQ at 732-431-6664,and volunteer to help put up signs this Sat. am,: coffee and bagels provided to fuel you!...

Anonymous said...

Until recently, the Republicans controlled the Monmouth County Board of Freeholders for many years. During their reign, taxes and spending increased at rates that far exceeded the rate of inflation. Corruption was also commonplace. I certainly will not be voting to return them to power. I certainly won't be contributing any money to help them achieve their goals. You ought to be ashamed of yourself, Mr. Gallagher, for doing just that.

Anonymous said...

that's your opinion,meanwhile, county services and facilities were top-notch, and Monmouth became one of some 16 out of 3,000 counties nationwide with the triple-A bond rating that saves taxpayers millions in interest every single time bonds are sold for equipment and improvements,UNlike ridiculous NJ and USA under Dems,now..and, stop, eight jerks out of 3500 messed themselves up, and everyone else is very tired of taking the rap for them!!..Rep-built Monmouth's why so many came here,genius:why we're up to 650,000 now and trying to keep up with the demands and traffic- victims of sound management and success..in one year, the county Dems have wasted money on unneeded items and outdated bldgs. like the YDC, fired longtime, hardworking people, hired highly-paid state rejects, and nearly tossed our greenspace programs and good ratings, while squashing morale and over-regulating everything,in typical Dem- modus-operendi.. on and on.. you all want the best,but you sure don't want to pay for it,so send the spending and tax-cutters back in,then!..

Anonymous said...

"Top-notch services?" Thanks for the laugh. When the current chairman of the Monmouth County Republican party was the sheriff, we had guards at the jail making more than the governor. That happened because the tax and spend Republicans gave us something other than "top-notch" leadership.