Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Byrnes Digs Himself Deeper

No wonder Corzine won't be photographed with Sean Byrnes.

Responding to the ethics charges levied against him last week by Thomas Stokes, Byrnes told Politickernj, "I represented (the client), but I didn't have any personal interest in the lawsuit."

His client, Cathy Sullivan, must be thrilled to hear that. No wonder the suit is taking so long. Remind me not to hire Sean Byrnes when I need aggressive representation.

Byrnes justified his conflict on interest in voting against Stokes for the Middletown Sewerage Authority by saying ( as originally reported by MoreMonmouthMusings) that he voted against all Sewerage Authority appointees, "There were four people up for appointment to the Sewerage Authority at that time, and I voted against all four. I've never voted 'yes," or for any salary, health benefits, or pension benefits for members of the sewerage authority. They shouldn't be doing that. It amounts to $100,000 for taxpayers each year. Middletown shouldn't even have a sewerage authority."

So why didn't you recuse yourself from the Stokes appointment and vote against the other three, Sean?

"I don't vote to appoint people to the sewerage authority," Byrnes added. "It's just a boondoogle. I introduced an ordinance earlier this year to do away with pay, pension and benefits for sewerage authority members."

John Curley didn't stand for Byrnes' anti-patronage hypocrisy. He told Politickernj, "Sean Byrnes talks about transparency," said Curley. "He tries to play the role of Bobby Kennedy. He talks in generalties. But when they asked him in the editorial board meeting if he would have voted in favor of Glenn Mason, he said he probably would have."

Mason ran unsuccessfully for Freeholder as a Democrat last year. He was rewarded for his efforts by the Democratically controlled Freeholder board with a $75K job, overstepping a long term and highly decorated county employee for the post.

Curley and Brynes, along with Independent candidate Stan Rosenthal, will face of in a debate sponsored by the League of Women Voters on Wednesday evening, 7PM at the Monmouth County Library, 125 Symmes Drive, Manalapan.


Anonymous said...

Byrnes just got my vote. Don't care if it was a conflict anyone voting against appointing more political hacks to a do nothing job on our tax dollars gets my vote. Where can I get Byrnes and Dagget signs. When the Monmouth GOP returns to Republican values and stops this endless game of personal attacks let me know.

Anonymous said...

Sean Brynes just received my vote as well. You ought to be ashamed of yourself, Art. You are not at all qualified to question somone else's ethics.

That said, I am not at all surprised that Republican cheerleaders like Art Gallagher have resorted to these sort of personal attacks. Until recently, the GOP controlled Monmouth County's government for 23 years. During that time, spending by the county government increased considerably. During that time, taxes increased considerably. During the GOP's watch, corruption ran rampant. Little wonder Republican buffers like Gallagher are eager to discuss something other than the issues that matter most to taxpayers of Monmouth County.

Anonymous said...

The Point is BYRNES DOES SUPPORT PATRONAGE. He Supports Glen Mason's patronage appointment. You know the guy who was paid off after losing as Amy Mallet's running mate. Republicans may not have been perfect...in fact far from it but they built this county. Brookdale--Republicans, the best park system in the State--Republicans, an award winning Sheriff's Dept.--Republicans. Yes we pay for some of these things, but the Dems are destroying our quality of life in 9 short months, why give them another year to sell us out to the political bosses from Urban Counties.

stopthesocialists said...

Wow Art. You hit a nerve with the Democrats. These two obviously love the job Corzine is doing. I can hear the chant, "yes we can,yes we can...." You know how you can tell they are Democrats? The first one actually thinks the little stipend paid to the sewer authority members comes from tax dollars. How uninformed can anyone be? It is sad that people who know so little actually take that ignorance into the voting booth with them. Daggett - friggin hilarious!!

Anonymous said...

Oh that's right, unless it is called a "tax" politicians pretend it isn't coming out of the taxpayers pockets. FYI we taxpayers don't care wether you call it a water bill, drivers license fee, fishing license fee, penalty for not buying health insurance. IT IS STILL A TAX. The kool aide drinkers can keep crying vote the line or the bad guys will win all they want, but until Real Republicans are on the line we will keep losing seats in Monmouth and have pathetic candidates for gov who can not even poll 50% against a loser like Corzine. Putting RINOs in office accomplishes nothing. Maybe next year you won't put party stooges up for office.

Anonymous said...

I am not a Dem. I am a Republican who will vote for Curley because I do not want Democrats controlling this County BUT I believe in truth justice and the American way and therefore I must say this ethics thing is bogus. Byrnes said what any lawyer would say. That is how lawyers are trained to view litigation. They represent a clients intrests, thats it. It is not personal.
If it were someone who hired him to do legal work seeking to be appointed he would have a conflict. That is not the case. Does his vote impact the litigation in any way? No.
From the Government official perspective if there is no personal gain to him involved there is no conflict. Will some people think it looks bad? I guess so. from a practical standpoint he could have easily avoided this and probably should have but talk of an ethics violation is a red herring.
Republicans should be above this and talk about real issues. This is something I would expect from the Democrats.

Anonymous said...

Are these people serious? I want to know the next time -- which will be the first -- that any judge says a lawyer has no interest in any case in which he's representing a client. That may be the most absurd statement ever made by a lawyer in New Jersey or his supporters. If they are already going into spin this ridiculous now, imagine if Byrnes ever gets into office. It will make George Orwell's "1984"'s "newspeak" seem perfectly logical.

Anonymous said...

When a lawyer is suing for monetary damages, the normal procedure is to obtain a percentage of the suit, if they win.

Somehow, methinks that is a financial interest.

Also, had he voted for the individual, he might have lost his client, suffering financial loss.

Sorry, this is a clear conflict of interest.

Why aren't the dem apologists answering the hypocrisy of Byrnes decrying political patronage when he, himself, was appointed to a political patronage job in Atlantic Highlands and was enrolled in the Public Pension System as a result? He has 10 years and 3 months, more than enough to qualify for a taxpayer supported pension.

Anonymous said...

Gee, it was easy to confirm Sean Byrnes' PERS membership.

I just went to: http://www.nj.com/news/bythenumbers/
and typed in "Byrnes", "Sean" and "Atlantic Highlands".

What did I find?

$15,689 2006 salary for Atlantic Highlands (obviously a part-time political patronage job) and discovered he does have 10 years & 3 months Pension credit.

And he criticizes others on political patronage?

Give me a break!

Anonymous said...

he must be a bit thin-skinned, as he was off his game at the last debate in Manalapan tonight: John had done his homework and knew many more facts abt. the county, and stayed on-message.. Sean just wants everything online, as thought that's all people will do is be buried in their computer, if they have one....John offered Mr.Rosenthal a nonpaying advisory board seat, and thought Sean'd make a fine judge.. nice job, John, almost there!!

Anonymous said...

"obviously a part time political patronage job"

is it? Funny how can you tell from the sight, it doesn't say what the job is. You sound like a typical party hack.

The fact that any Republican does not want to do away with all these BS MUA, tax Board and other patronage jobs makes me sick and is why the "Republican" candidates are suffering. The public knows the party puppets don't want to can a Carton no matter how obvious the taxpayers are overpaying.

This is why the race for Gov and Freeholders is a race. Someday we will have real Republicans running who we can be proud of and not see campaigns run on meaningless drival like this BS. It is sad that there is enough room on any blog for this "conflict" to be one of the major issues. If any Republican really thinks this is a problem you won't be voting for Cristie.

Anonymous said...

Man I would love a part time job in the pesion system. Where can I sign up?

If I can not get one then lets reform it.

(hey at least I am honest about it)

Anonymous said...

No doubt you are a major player in the Dem or GOP party. To call yourself honest because of one truth though is a stretch. The sad thing is you boils on the arse of society think everyone else is like you. FYI most people want to make an honest living and get big government off our backs. The rest go into politics or seek government jobs. Unfortunately for anyone staying in NJ there may now be more of you then us.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
"obviously a part time political patronage job" "is it? Funny how can you tell from the sight, it doesn't say what the job is. You sound like a typical party hack."

Hmmm.. $15,689 for a part time job for an attorney...I suppose he could have been working part time in the Public Works department, but I doubt it.

Here is what Byrnes' own bio says, on the Middletown Twp website, "Byrnes, who has served as the Prosecutor in Atlantic Highlands"

Gee, the Municipal prosecutor is a political patronage job, just in case you didn't know.

Source: http://www.middletownnj.org/Mayor_Township/byrnes.asp

Now who's the typical party hack?

Anonymous said...

"No doubt you are a major player in the Dem or GOP party."

based on your logic if i was a major player wouldn't I already have the Job?

I am just curious? how does everyone suggest jobs like municipal prosecutor be compensated?
If an attorney where paid hourly to be a municipal prosecuter what do you think that would cost? The average attorney easily gets in excess of $200.00 per hour. Lets say you only pay $125 per hour and the job takes a conservative 4 hours a week. The yearly payment would be $25000.00 per year.
So is $15000.00 dollars and a contribution to the pesion plan such a bad deal. Do you expect the attorney to say Forget about the pension that the law says I am entitled too just pay me the $15000.00?
Is that what you would do? I doubt it.
Wether they do it for an individual or a municipality attorneys deserve to be fairly compensated for the work that they do.
It is not as if they are doing jobs that anybody could do or that are not needed. Just the opposite they provide services vital to running the government that no one else can.

One more question for you who call others an Ass Boil? How many hours have you put as a voluteer on government boards and committees or in any capacity in your community? I spent 4 years on a commision, one on a committee and 6 on a board w/o recieving a dime. Not saying I deserve anything. It's just been my experience that those who complain the loudest about people in government have usually contributed squat to their community.

Anonymous said...

Yup you are a boil on an arse. Fact 1. - If prosecutor is a politicial patronage job, Cristie is nothing but a political patronage job seeker.(no wonder he is struggling against Corzine) Fact 2. We know you are serving as a volunteer to line yourself up for a do nothing patronage job on the MUA or Tax Board. You admitted that was your goal. Jobs on the MUA and tax Boards, unlike a prosecutor spot which requires a law degree and actual work, are just made up job for hacks like you. Fact 3. I do more charity work in the community then your volunteer work on make work government committees, and the charity work isn't to ingratiate me with the party bosses to get a do nothing job on the tax payers dime. No wonder the GOP is a mess, clowns like you are getting appointments instead of honest taxpayers.

Anonymous said...

eyes back on the 2009 election-ball please: unless and until the people say so, and work for a different system of electing and governing, there will always be the "haves and have nots".. the basically two-party system we have that, despite creeps on both sides, and various mistakes, has kept the world's best democracy going for 233 years..the game of "pick-one-and-be-it", run and don't run, win and lose, and "to the victor belongs the spoils," will go on.. that being said, anyone who has worked hard for politicians to get them their titles, and has been rewarded with any slot or board or position,understands all that, and there will always be more folks who want a slot, than there are slots, it's just a fact, and simple math..it's like, everyone comes out of the woodwork to run for an office/job when one opens up: it's the continuous ebb and flow of politics and democracy, and if not this system, what one?.. tyranny?..autocracy? dictatorship? anarchy?..