Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Corzine Skips Gannett Editorial Boards

The New Jersey Gannett newspaper editorial boards invited the major gubernatorial candidates to meet with them today. Bob Ingle notes that Chris Christie and Chris Daggett changed their schedules to attend. Jon Corzine did not show up. He did have a moment to twitter during the Gannett live feed recommending that viewers go to a breast cancer website.

Save Jersey's Matt Rooney suggests that Corzine has given up on winning a majority of New Jersey votes and is skipping out on the Gannett papers so that Daggett can get more exposure and draw enough of the anti-Corzine vote (60% of the electorate) away from Christie to ensure a Corzine win with 40%.

Matt has a point, but Corzine doesn't like Gannett's format of a debate with all candidates present at the same time. He also doesn't want to be grilled by editors who are well versed in the New Jersey Tax Crush.

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