Thursday, October 29, 2009

Dems Trying To Steal It

Save Jersey called it Chicago Politics Jersey Style.

As reported by Politickernj, the state Democratic party is asking county clerks to allow those whose absentee ballot applications were rejected because their signatures did match the record, to be allowed to vote anyway via provisional ballot.

Democratic State Committee General Counsel Paul Josephson said that many more Democratic and unaffiliated voters’ ballots had been rejected based on their signatures than those of Republicans. He also said that the disparity in rejection rates between counties indicates that all clerks are not applying a uniform standard.

Hmmmm, if the ballot applications are being rejected from Democratic leaning counties, wouldn't that mean that the clerks in those counties are probably Democrats? A better explanation than the county clerks not doing there job is that there are more Democrats trying to steal votes.

In Monmouth County, if you missed the deadline to apply for a vote by mail ballot and you can't make it to your polling place on Tuesday, you can still vote legally by visiting the Monmouth County Board of Elections Office, 300 Halls Mills Rd, Freehold Township, on Saturday from 10 am till 2 pm or on Monday until 3 pm.

“There is no reason for a registered voter to miss out on voting in the upcoming Nov. 3 election” Monmouth County Clerk M. Claire French said. “If you know who you want to vote for and don’t want to take a chance on missing out on voting in your home district, you can vote in person at the county’s election offices.”

If Corzine brings Al Frankin to New Jersey for his "Save Me From My Self" tour, we'll know the fix is in.


Anonymous said...

You are being unfair. Voters are too stressed out recovering from the Bush years to be expected to remember how to spell or sign their own names! Sounds like you are trying to supress the vote. And even if they don't know their own names, it does not mean that they cannot examine the issues and make a clear informed choice.

Chris said...

Previous Anon is right. Plus, this could be discriminatory against users of (medical) marijuana.