Sunday, October 25, 2009


Today is Endorsement Sunday for the gubernatorial campaign.

The Bergen Record endorsed Loretta Weinberg. While acknowledging the failure Corzine has been, how poorly suited he is for elected office, and how beholden he is to labor unions, The Record says that Weinberg will fix all of that in a second Corzine term.

The Record said that Corzine doesn't take advice well, but that he would listen to Weinberg, so we should give him a second chance.

The Northern Jersey daily said that they agreed with Chris Christie that New Jersey needs a smaller, less generous government, but that they feared Christie's support of school vouchers in failing school districts would threaten those failing schools. The paper also said that they preferred that Corzine and not Christie make the upcoming NJ Supreme Court appointments that will determine the future of our education system and real estate development as determined by the Mt Laurel decisions and the Council On Affordable Housing.

The Asbury Park Press gave a backhanded endorsement to Chris Christie, "only as a better alternative to four more years of Corzine." The APP editorial board joined the rising chorus of those condeming the quality of the Christie campaign, the only Republican campaign is memory to be ahead or tied in the polls at this point in a race. Their endorsement is a litany of Corzine's failures.


Anonymous said...

let's endorse "hope and change " for NJ: worked for Barry, maybe Chris' change will actually cost us a tad LESS..??

Anonymous said...

The only reason Cristie is in the running is because we are in a major recession and Corzine is the most unpopular gov ever. His campaign is still in the race despite itself, not because of anything they did. I'm thinking Cristie is the Corzine plan not Dagget

Anonymous said...

Christie has made a huge mistake by not making more of the ridiculous Abbott school funding and the ridiculous amounts of waste in school construction funding.

He has also made a huge mistake by not aggressively opposing the Mass Transit Tunnel and the Camden to Glassboro Rail Line.

I wouldn't be surprise if Christie's campaign hasn't been infiltrated by Jon Corzine.