Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Game On

Chris Christie told the Asbury Park editorial board that he's been husbanding his campaign money for the final weeks of the campaign and that he will start spending in earnest to get his message out to the voters starting tomorrow.

He told the APP that he is more confident in victory now than he was during the summer when he was leading in the polls by double digits while waiting for Corzine's $20 million 2 X 4 to hit him over the head. It hit and he's still standing.

The Quinnipiac poll today indicates that this strategy can work. Given the economics of the campaign, Corzine's zillions vs Christie's $11 million, it may be only strategy that could have worked.

Corzine has spent $125 million dollars in 3 campaigns and will probably top $40 million in this one. Yet he can't break 40%. Voters don't trust him and they consider his attacks on Christie unfair.

Daggett's support is softer than Corzine's negotiating position was when Joe Biden told him he wouldn't cross the picket line on primary day. 60% of his "likely voters" say they may change their mind and 73% of all voters don't know enough about him to form favorable or unfavorable opinion. There is no way his 14% will hold. He won't break 8% on November 3.

55% of the Quinnipiac respondent said they want a new governor. 20 days to go. Corzine will probably spend over $1 million per day. I don't see it working.

View the APP video here.

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