Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Grace Cangemi On Serving With John Curley

As John Curley’s former colleague, I can’t think of a better candidate to serve Monmouth County on our Board of Freeholders. John Curley’s commitment to the taxpayers of Red Bank was unparalleled. As a Republican, John voted against tax increases every year. John Curley and I fought and voted against increasing Red Bank’s astronomically high water rates and against using the water utility as a spending slush fund. In my time working with John Curley, he repeatedly and consistently demanded that the borough move to a zero-based budgeting system in order to curb spending – a suggestion since put into practice.

His dedication to open government in Red Bank found him fighting against an entrenched machine to demand open and accessible government for the people of our town. As a minority member of the Red Bank Borough Council, John Curley succeeded in changing meeting times so that residents would have the opportunity to attend council meetings and have an opportunity to express their concerns.

John Curley fought against Red Bank’s high parking fines and went door-to-door to preserve our quality of life and prevent a helipad on the Navesink River. John fought against high density development and chaired a Parks and Recreation Committee that rebuilt our playgrounds.

Most importantly, though, John Curley was available and responsive, understanding that ethics, integrity, and commitment to responsible spending and quality of life issues were what mattered to the people of Red Bank.

As a Freeholder, I know that John Curley will show that same commitment to serving the people of Monmouth County. John knows that we need our next Freeholder to maintain our quality of life and hold the line on spending to keep Monmouth County the special place we call home. Monmouth County deserves an ethical, responsible, responsive new Freeholder. John Curley is the right man for the job.


Grace Cangemi


Anonymous said...

Thanks I needed a good laugh this morning. Not intending to put down Curley, but the thought that anyone can not think up a thousand better candidates then the clowns running for any office in NJ is comical. The fact is the best people will not run and face the hateful mud slinging machines of both parties. Nobody even wants to run in primaries because the party bosses look to destroy anyone who won't play ball. Look at this year's campaigns. Very few dealt with issues and facts.

Anonymous said...

Oh really anonymous? How about naming one of these thousands of better candidates out there? The same people that you think are so much better, would become one of those that you obviously think are so flawed the minute that they were put under the scrutiny of political candidacy.

Anonymous said...

Byrnes and Curley are both good candidates, probably two of the best their parties could put up.

Democratic County Chair Scudiery had probably never even met Byrnes until the day of the county convention. He's a newcomer to politics who has only been in office since 2007. Hes a 22 year veteran of the coast guard and a board member of several volunteer groups.

Curley and Rep Party Chair Oxley don't get along at all. Curley and Freeholder Burry can't stand each other. Curley won the GOP nomination even though his party didn't want him to have it - two years in a row.

Anonymous 9:51am should do some fact checking before showing his his lack of intelligence.

Neither candidates are controlled by their parties.

Anonymous said...

Can anyone stand Burry? Does anyone actually beleive someone got the republican nod without approval of all the dopey municipal bosses? Maybe Oxley didn't like the guy but I doubt he won without major party boss support. Good point on Byrnes though, since the democrat party is pretty weak in this County could be a real independent person got through. So the choice is between a car salesman and a man who serve his Country in the Coast Guard?

Anonymous said...

P.S. Anyone who thinks fact checking is needed to know that there are many people more qualified to run our governments in NJ then those in office needs there head checked. This state is in the top 5 for corruption, waste and taxes. There is one reason for that - the politicians and their handlers are corrupt.