Friday, October 23, 2009


Fair Haven Mayor and 12th Congressional District Republican congressional candidate Mike Halfacre today called on Rep. Rush Holt to remove his name from the fundraising host committee of J Street, a controversial “blame Israel first” group funded by left wing financier George Soros.

“Once again, Rush Holt has sided with the ‘left of the left’, as one writer so aptly put it, this time against our greatest ally in the Middle East, and the Middle East's most stable democracy, Israel”, said Halfacre. “In its short existence, J Street has shown that there is almost no issue involving the Middle East in which it wont blame Israel- and by extension America- while giving the benefit of the doubt to Hamas, Iran, and the other bad actors in the world. For Rush Holt to lend his name as a supporter of a group like this, which is so out of touch with the values of the 12th Congressional District, is an outrage and he should end his support of this group immediately.”

J Street has come under intense pressure recently as over a dozen Congressmen and Senators, including Senators Charles Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand of New York, have asked to be removed from the list of host committee members due to ideological differences with the group. Several other legislators asked to be removed, saying they had no idea they were even on the host committee list.

Among the many controversial policies J Street has supported in the last year, it launched a petition drive against a congressional resolution calling for tougher inspections of air and sea cargo heading for Iran. Halfacre noted that Holt was the only member of New Jersey’s 13 member Congressional delegation not signed onto a bill advocating for tougher sanctions against Iran.

“It shows an incredible naivete', if not an outright wilful ignorance of the danger facing our nation and our allies, to take the stance Holt has taken on the Middle East: Soft on Iran, soft on terrorist interrogations, soft on Hamas, yet hard on Israel, hard on the CIA, and hard on our security."

Halfacre closed by saying this was just the most recent example of Holt lurching to the far left of the political spectrum and away from the values of his district.

“Cap and Trade. Healthcare reform. ACORN. Charles Rangel. The list goes on and on. On every one of these issues he has sided with the left of the left and against the values of the 12th District. Now this. I’m sure the Jewish residents and supporters of Israel in the 12th District would be surprised to know that Rush Holt supports a group that thinks that when Israel responds to its population being shelled by rockets, Israel is to blame. I’m sure they’d be surprised that he opposes tough measures against Iran to prevent them from obtaining nuclear weapons. But based on his actions over the last year, they shouldn’t be.”


Anonymous said...


Halfacre hasn't got a clue what matters to the voters of his congressional district. That much will be made clear when he concedes defeat to Rush Holt in November of 2010.

Anonymous said...

You are as out of touch as Holt. Keep thinking you know better, and keep a spot on the faculty for Holt at Princeton next year. Oh wait, he was fired from Princeton already, wasn't he?

Litte known fact: the Rocket Scientist was unemployed when he won his seat: incompetence in running the lab....

Anonymous said...

The problem is that Rush Holt has NEVER represented New Jersey. He does whatever Nancy Pelosi tells him to do, even when the other members of the NJ delegation are sober enough not to. Holt represents Pacific Heights California, not New Jersey. When he votes for tax increases -- as he has time and again -- we in the 12th District are witnessing the rebirth of taxation without representation.

Anonymous said...

I think it was Heraclitus that once said that "a man's character is his fate."

Mike Halfacre will never be anything more than what he is already -- a single practioner that works part-time as a small town prosecutor. He certainly isn't the type that will inspire other men to greatness. He certainly isn't the type that will ever stand in the well of the House of Representatives. Rush Holt won't break a sweat in this campaign and he'll still beat Halfacre by 20 points.

Anonymous said...

The fact you are talking about him more than a year prior to the election means he can beat Holt, who is so useless nobody talks about him.

Keep feeling that confidence. Holt's and his supporters arrogance will be their downfall.

Anonymous said...

Halfacre is a hypocrite. He is critical of the size of government, but at the same time, he has had been feeding at the government trough for most of his adult life. (God only knows how many public and part-time jobs he has held.)

Halfacre is also critical of healthcare reform, but at the same time, Halfacre is a member of the state pension system. When he retires, he'll certainly seek government-funded health insurance for himself and his family. Apparently the public option is okay for the Halfacre family, it's just not okay for the uninsured in his congressional district.

The writer above put it well when he said that character determines one's fate. I will enjoy watching Halfacre concede defeat.