Thursday, October 01, 2009

Monmouth University/Gannett Poll: Christie Up By 3%

A Monmouth University/Gannett poll released this morning closely mirrors the results of the Quinnipiac poll released yesterday.

The poll indicates that Chris Christie's lead over Jon Corzine has evaporated to 3%, 43-40, with 8% for Chris Daggett among likely voters. Among registered voters, the race is tied at 40-40.

Corzine's mammogram scare ads have worked. His gains have come primarily from Independent woman. Corzine also picks up support from Democrats who are more likely to vote now than they were in earlier surveys.

Property taxes remain the main issue on voters minds. Yet, only 20% of the voters say they have heard a specific proposal to deal with the issue from the candidates. 4/5's of polling data was collected before Daggett revealed his plan. 32% of the responding likely voters said they would be more likely to vote for Christie if he promised to deal with property taxes.

Read Patrick Murray's release of the poll here.


Anonymous said...

This will always be the result when the party picks nothing but RINOs for office. Only way to pull this out is to start talking like a real Republican. You are not going to get the support of the unions and teachers no matter how hard you try. Unless you give real workers a reason to vote for you they are staying home because they are tired of empty promises.

Anonymous said...

Vote for Steve Lonegan. Write in his name.

Anonymous said...

Don't encourage Democrat-lite, liberal Republicans like Chris Christie. Write in Steve Lonegan's name.

Anonymous said...

The Corzine ads on the mammogram issue are as low as one can get. I am in the health care business for a living and what Chris has been suggesting is creating policies that consumers can buy that are free from the insane amount of regulated benefit mandates that the libs tack on to them that create enourmous costs. To suggest that Chris is against mammograms is like saying that because you don't like when it snows you want to abolish the winter season. Chris's point is that we need to be able to offer insuarnec programs that are more affordable and free from some of the silly mandates. Corzine picked our mammorgans as one of the mandates now on th books and is trying to say because Chris feels some mnandates need to be pulled that he must have been speaking about mammograms. Its a stretch and its wromng. People need to wake up and see through this and I hope Chris continues to fight back and fight back hard on this. Corzine's TV money is incredible and I think the bigger issue here. But on this health care issue, the governor is misleading people in a very material way and its just wrong.

And to those who post "vote Lonegan"; he lost. Move on and back our candidate or you will assure another victory for a failed governor.

Joe DiBella

Anonymous said...

Don't blame us because you picked a crappy candidate. Reinforcing poor judgment is not the solution. Blindly following poor leadership is for Facists and Democrats, not real Republicans.

Anonymous said...

that being said, is it ok to throw up our hands and say, as the country goes down the socialist toilet, so goes NJ??..