Saturday, October 24, 2009

Rendell and Booker Draw 50 People To Asbury Park Rally For Corzine

Sean Byrnes was there, Corzine wasn't. Still no photos of the two of them.

Politickernj has the story.


Anonymous said...

super..unless, their 800,000-piece Obama mailer has resulted in lots of absentees already, which is why we cannot rest til 8:01pm next Tues..

Anonymous said...

Corzine better not take the union vote for granted. I have a neighbor who is a union electrician who is voting for Christie and knows a lot of his union brothers who are doing the same. That clueless boob forgets that union members are also paying his exorbitant property taxes, the increased tolls, the increased sales tax, the increased liqour tax, etc.