Friday, October 23, 2009

Vote No On Question 1


Anonymous said...

It's a shame that Chris Christie didn't pick Steve Lonegan to be his running mate. When Christie picked a pro-abortion, anti-Second Amendment liberal to be his running mate, I decided that I would stand on principle this year and vote for Steve Lonegan. I will write in his name. I'm sick of voting for liberal New Jersey Repbulicans simply because they are only slightly less offensive than the socialists that the Democrats normally nominate.

Anonymous said...

I've been voting NO on every single referendum and school budget for years, now, just to make the point that I am sick of the spending, the debt, all for the continuous power-grab and ego-trips of our so- called "representatives".. our liberty is shot, it's only a matter of the next 3 years of this bum's tyrannical regime that will finish us once and for all.. the poor kids!