Thursday, October 22, 2009

WABC, SurveyUSA Poll:

NJ Governor: Incumbent Corzine Can't Clear Challenger Christie; Independent Daggett Siphons 1 in 5 Votes:

In an election for New Jersey governor today, 10/22/09, twelve days until votes are counted, Republican Chris Christie and incumbent Democrat Jon Corzine remain even, just as they were 2 weeks ago, just as they were 1 week ago, according to SurveyUSA's latest tracking poll conducted exclusively for WABC-TV.

Today, it's Christie 41%, Corzine 39%, independent Chris Daggett 19%. SurveyUSA's tracking graphs are flat. Corzine has not polled more than 40% nor less than 39%. Christie has not polled more than 43% nor less than 40%. Of likely 2009 voters who voted for Corzine in 2005, just 60% stick with him today. 18% of 2005 Corzine voters today cross over to Republican Christie; 21% vote for the Independent. Christie keeps in the GOP fold a larger share of those who voted for Corzine's 2005 Republican opponent, Doug Forrester: 82% of 2005 Forrester voters today vote for Republican Christie, 12% vote Daggett


Anonymous said...

interesting story about corzine-goldman

Anonymous said...

when will the idiots we share this over-taxed, over-regulated, over-populated mess of a state with, wake the hell up??? theory that New Jerseyans love wallowing in their misery and just want to complain, seems to be playing out!.. it has to be so hard, but we HAVE to get this done, lukewarm and small-margined as it is!!!