Thursday, October 22, 2009

Why DuHaime and Stepien deserve our praise.

By Dan Gallic

About two weeks ago I ran into a top Christie adviser and we spoke about the state of the campaign, the negatives, the positives and what could possibly be improved.

My feedback is the same feedback that I write today.

Every campaign goes through cycles are inevitable. It is inevitable that uncertainty, even when an election is a foregone conclusion, creeps into a campaign. It is also inevitable that three or four weeks out from an election there will be arm-chair campaign guru's popping up everywhere deriding the campaign for various reasons, although they can be summed up with: “They are not doing enough with the grassroots” and “Who ever running the campaign is doing a terrible job.” or “Who ever approved that commercial should be shot.”

Yea, yea, yea... blah, blah, blah... we heard it all before. (I've got an idea for all you chattering ninnies - get to work! Do something other than complain! Make phone calls, put out signs, maybe even write a check... just do something other than bother people with your intelligence.)

I've been described, by some, as a harsh critic and a stoic operator whose only interest is to win. I wear that hat proudly. I've been in the trenches where these battles are fought and I've been there when candidates have been arrested and led off to face, well, Chris Christie. With over 25 years of political involvement I've seen bad campaigns and I've seen brilliant campaigns.

Which brings me to my point. Mike DuHaime and Bill Stepien, the two gentlemen who are running Chris Christie's gubernatorial campaign are doing an excellent job. I might even call it brilliant. Actually, compared to some recent Republican campaigns, it is nothing short of outstanding.

Why is this the case? Well, for one, they have answered Corzine's messaging, blow for blow. They have been disciplined enough not to emotionally react to the Democrat's needling on a host of ancillary issues. They understand that this election is about one thing: taxes. Well, maybe two: economic climate for businesses.

Mike and Bill have have done an excellent job of keeping ego's in check, moving the ball forward and running a strategically disciplined campaign. These are not easy tasks, in fact, in New Jersey, they are nearly impossible with all the threats, nuanced conversation and outright bribery that goes on, as seen with the latest Rev. Jackson controversy.

Chris Christie was wise to have chosen DuHaime and Stepien as they deserve our praise for running an excellent campaign and, I am confident, will close these last two weeks with a great GOTV effort and messaging that will lead to a Chris Christie victory. When all is done, we, the taxpayers of New Jersey, will owe them a debt of gratitude which is the only debt I look forward to paying.

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Anonymous said...

haven't redeemed themselves for Giuliani and other disasters in my book, so not being from Missouri, SHOW ME!..