Friday, November 20, 2009


David said...

Professor Lindzen of MIT pointed out that the first company to get behind cap and trade was Enron. The second company was Goldman Sachs. Does the word scam come to mind with those two companies having been big players in trying to impose cap and trade?

Basically, we can either try to resolve real problems or we can spend our time dealing with fictional ones. Carbon dioxide is a fictional problem. Manmade global warming is a fictional problem. A real environmental problem is land sinking because of drilling either for water or for oil. Its not rising sea water that's the problem. It's sinking land. Do the environmentalists do anything about that real problem? Most do not.

Partly as a result of this fiction, we have delayed drilling for oil in Alaska and the coast at a devastating economic cost. We have delayed other projects that would produce oil from shale which is currently produced in Canada. How many jobs are there in Newfoundland, Canada because of offshore drilling? Or in Alberta or Saskatchewan where the shale oil is produced.

We have delayed shifting from foreign oil to natural gas based on some absurd belief that we need to find that next generation solution instead of relying on what has worked.

This is idiocy. We have to end this idiocy so we can move forward with solutions.

Look, if these idiots insist on reducing U.S. oil consumption, I don't have a problem with that. We need to do that to reduce how much money is going out of the country to pay for that foreign oil. If they want to raise the gas tax for economic reasons and cut other taxes, I am all for that. You can't be in a position where you are borrowing money to pay for foreign oi.

But these idiots insist on destroying our economy with cap and trade. Instead of focusing on reducing foreign oil, they focus on shutting down U.S. production. That has been a recipe for disaster and is a big cause of our current economic problems.

Anonymous said...

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