Monday, November 02, 2009

A Message From Bret Schundler

In Tuesday's election for Governor, I'd like to encourage you to vote for Chris Christie.

Please also encourage others to vote for him.

When I was the Mayor of Jersey City, I spent years fighting to pass legislation that would bring full private and public school choice to New Jersey. In my opinion, there is nothing that would do more to help our children, advance the cause of social justice, and lower state and local taxes.

A bill patterned after a proposal that I made in the 90s, and then made a centerpiece of my two gubernatorial campaigns, is pending in the New Jersey legislature with the Republican and Democrat support needed to pass -- but John Corzine's opposition is keeping it from being voted upon.

If we elect Chris Christie, that legislation will be voted upon, it will pass, and full public and private school choice will become a reality in our state.

Please give Chris Christie your vote and give New Jersey's children and taxpayers a new lease on life.

Don't let this historic opportunity slip by us.

You'll bring much needed accountability to our public schools -- and that will produce far more positive results than would more spending.

The tax money that is saved, and the state and local tax reductions that will be made possible, will make New Jersey an affordable place to live and do business again.

And thousands of young children, who presently are trapped in failing schools that work to destroy hope, will immediately have tremendous new educational opportunities opened to them.

To whom much is given, much is expected.

We have an opportunity to do enormous good through electing Chris Christie.

Let us seize it.


Bret Schundler

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