Monday, November 02, 2009

A Message From Steve Lonegan

Released first to Save Jersey.

A time for choosing

It's been a long year. Many conservatives have been confused about what to do in the race for Governor of New Jersey. Some establishment Republicans didn't help matters with things they did or didn't do.

But that's all in the past now. It's in the past because we know who is counting on Jon Corzine to win. He was here today, in both Camden and Newark, and he said that Corzine was "one of the best partners I have in the White House...we work together. We know our work is far from over."

That's right. The radical national agenda of Barack Obama is hoping to get a boost from the election for Governor of New Jersey.

You know what that means. Last week, the most left-wing Speaker in the history of Congress unpacked her plan to take over health care - and with it 18% of the American economy. Coupled with the Obama "cap & tax" scheme, both these bills will destroy American competitiveness, drive-up costs, and amount to the largest collective tax increase ever.

It is time to say NO to Obama's plans to Socialize Medicine and the way to say NO is by defeating Jon Corzine this Tuesday.

To defeat him, we have to vote for someone else. Chris Daggett supports abortion, same-sex marriage, and higher taxes. That's not a choice conservatives can make.

To defeat Jon Corzine, the only choice is Chris Christie.

Something happened in New York this weekend that should help us sort out the conflicted emotions some of us still have. The Republican establishment put up a liberal to run in a Special Election in the 23rd congressional district in far upstate New York. The Democrats put up their own liberal and, this being a special election (without a primary), a Conservative Party candidate, Doug Hoffman, jumped into the race as well.

In the last two weeks, the Conservative moved from third to first place. The Republican, liberal Dede Scozzafava (who had been endorsed by the liberal Daily Kos blog), fell to third place. So she got mad, sulked, dropped out - and then endorsed the Democrat!

That is the difference between us and them. We have a set of principles to guide us, while they only have self-interest. And it is our principles that will lead us to the right choice on Election Day.

Conservatives know that Obama, Reid and Pelosi will use a Corzine victory to help them push through their radical national agenda. Conservatives not only can deny them that momentum by electing Chris Christie Governor, with a big enough margin, you and I could put enough pressure on Congress to stop Obama's Socialized Medicine scheme once and for all.

On the other hand, a Corzine win in New Jersey will send a message that voters will support someone whose radical left-wing agenda is the same as Obama's. You know the record: low income housing projects shoe-horned into our towns, radical left-wing spending programs that do nothing but provide paychecks to liberal ideologues and political hacks, government funded abortions, support for same-sex marriage, paid family leave, a red carpet for illegal aliens and an extremist anti-gun owner, anti-hunting mentality.

And higher and higher taxes...

Look, Chris Christie and I don't agree on everything. And Chris isn't Steve Lonegan. But Chris Christie isn't Jon Corzine either. And on Tuesday, the choice is clear. Whether you are concerned about high taxes, pro-Life, marriage, gun rights, spending programs, illegal aliens or the threat of low income housing there's a clear difference between the candidates and any conservative who doesn't support Chris is cutting off their nose to spite their face.

The bottom line is clear: a Corzine victory will be a victory for Obama and his Socialist far-left allies. A Christie victory will be seen as a victory for conservatives. Let’s keep our eye on the ball here. Together we can take our party back, and we will. But on Tuesday let's send Barack Obama, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and New Jersey's stale and tired Democrat hacks a message by giving Chris Christie a big margin on Tuesday, as well as a big NO vote on Question One -- the $400 Million Open Space scam.

On to Victory,

Steve Lonegan

P.S.: I've mentioned that I’m strongly supporting Chris’s candidacy. But I forgot to mention that Chris is strongly supporting you and I in our efforts to stop Question One. Please vote on Tuesday for Chris Christie for Governor, No on Question One, and for your state and local Republican candidates. Together, we will take New Jersey back. Thanks for taking the time to care about our state. Please stay in touch.


TR said...

Christie has my vote
But so does Question 1.

The number one cause of High property taxes is overdevelopment.

More open space keeps taxes down and improves the quality of life.

Chris said...

More land owned by the Government means less supply of land on the market, which means higher land, i.e. housing prices. Oh yes, but you save a buck or two on property taxes. Good luck lowering the property taxes, when did that last happen in your town?

TR said...

Sounds great. Since I own a house I want my investment to increase in value.

While their are many reasons for high taxes in Nj it is no coincidence that NJ has both the highest population density and the highest taxes in the nation.