Saturday, November 21, 2009

No Ruling Out Hornik

Marlboro Mayor Jon Hornik told Politickernj that Democratic party members have asked him if he would be consider running for governor in 2013. He said he hasn't ruled it out, nor has he ruled out challenging 12th district Senator Jen Beck.

The Democratic mayor attributes his success in Marlboro to governing like a Republican and his willingness to do what ever he can to help the Democratic party.

Hornik also hasn't ruled out running for president should the Democrats need a Republican like candidate following the loss of congress in 2010, or for vice president should Joe Biden retire to join Sarah Palin on the speakers tour.

He hasn't ruled out being appointed to Frank Lautenberg's U.S. Senate seat should the Senator not complete his term, nor playing center field for the Yankees next year.

The mayor is not scheduled to be the opening act for upcoming Bruce or Bon Jovi concerts, but he hasn't ruled it out.

He has ruled out cancelling Republican fund raisers in Marlboro.


Anonymous said...

one thing many years in politics will teach you: some politicians (read: egos) just can't see to the end of their "wonderfulness": these types usually wind up successful for a few years, with lots of splash and flash,then either crash and burn 'cause they reached too high and beyond their capabilities, or they just fade away, to: "WHO???"..

Anonymous said...

Art..hilarious. Great stuff.

Running for Governor as Mayor of You cant make that up.

Anonymous said...

Almost as good as Peter Shapiro running for Governor against Tom Kean in 1985.

Anonymous said...

i agree with you this time Art, as one of your fiercest Democratic critics....Hornik is way over his head if he thinks anyone aside from him is thinking he should run for Governor....Even though the town does have a lot of people - 40,000 people - John's only been mayor for 2 years. If he's smart, he'll run for re-election in 2011 and then run for state senate or freeholder in 2013. If he wins won of those, then he can talk about governor.

But remember the Reps, Steve Lonegan had just as big as ego, mayor of an 8000 person town who had numerous failed attempts for Congress and County Executive. He's in the same boat.

Anonymous said...

yuck yuck yuck, no wonder nobody competent wants to save NJ from all you political hacks.

Anonymous said...

laugh if nyou will but marlboro seems to love him

We lost two good politicians. Hornick and Cantor were both Republicans until the local party exploded first with a crook and then with a Nut job.

Has to be a lesson somewhere in there

Anonymous said...

Never underestimate Jon Hornik. There must be a reason that Democratic leaders are talking to him. I can think of three:
1) He wins. Two elections One his own by a landslide, the second in spite of our GOP tidal wave.

2) He is politically savy, (learning from a master) and not a political panderer. He knows that straight liberal thinking on economic issues no longer works and he is doing well for Marlboro residents. He works with Jen Beck, respects her, Declan and Caroline and knows those people need him as much as he needs them; and

3) He fits the profile, young, attorney, family man and good-looking and very bright.

Joke now, but do not count him out. He is making himself known and has cross county support from importan Dem leaders. Soon that could be cross state support.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Gallagher:

I am a frequent reader of your site but not a poster. However I agree with the last two anonymous posters regarding Mayor Hornik. Marlboro, the largest municipality in District 12 likes, respects and supports him. Marlboro made the difference in the 2007 election for Freeholder and his candidates were the only Democrats to win, or maintain a municipal majority, in Monmouth County. His fiscal philosophy is more Republican than Democrat in attempting to reduce government spending and its size. His plan to dissolve the MTMUA is a clear attempt to reduce government in size and expense. It is ironic that the only opposition to his attempt are Republican commissioners with benefits and pensions at stake. They obviously did not either listen to or pay attention to Chris Christie's speech in AC. A change is coming and they better get in the middle of the room or Hornik will find them in the corners.

As a Manalapan resident, I wish that we had a strong leader rather than the garbage we have had for the last three years.