Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Phatom Congressional Districts Getting Stimulus Dollars

The phantom congressional district scandal that has been in the news the last couple of days is growing. is reporting that there are 440 phantom districts throughout the country that have somehow received $6.4 billion to stimulus slush, including 18 districts in New Jersey.

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Joe Hadden said...

Phantom? As the Congressman from New Jersey's 40th District, I take umbrage at your slanderous statements Arthur. Phantom indeed!

I'll have you know that with the 384 jobs created by the federal stimulus package, I have delivered considerably more jobs to my constituents than the distinguished gentleman from the 36th District.

Here in the 40th, life is grand. Kids start school just out of the womb where they are provided federally mandated vegetarian school lunches, the textbooks use only gender neutral pronouns to avoid promoting sexist stereotypes. Nobody fails because that make people feel bad.

Well, what did you expect in a fictional district that the Obama Administration gave over $2 million to?

Yours truly,
Congressman Joe Hadden
40th District