Monday, November 02, 2009

Speaking of influence....

...the article that Tommy DeSeno and I wrote about the gubernatorial race is featured on

And credited MoreMonmouthMusings with breaking the story of the Daggett robo calls paid for by the NJ State Democratic Committee.

No joke.

None of that matters if Christie doesn't win tomorrow. GET OUT THE VOTE!


Anonymous said...

It's a shame that you won't allow those who disagree with you to express their opinions on your blog site.

Anonymous said...

I echo above comment. There are many of us who feel that Corzine has done a great job and that taxes are not that bad.You dont speak about that. If you pay a lot it means that you must make too much. While Biden was attacked by the rich he was right when he said it was patriotic to pay more taxes. Obama has helped with that and Corzine in his next term will make sure that anyone he missed the first term will pay their fair share.

NFS said...

It's a great piece, worthy of first page coverage anywhere. Thanks to you and Tommy DeSeno for putting it all together. I'm worried about the other horseman ... the one that delivers fraudulent absentee ballots or the votes by mail.

ML said...

It is patriotic to pay taxes ?
So no matter what the government wants to spend it on it is patriotic to pay them so just shut up and pay them. And do not be unpatriotic by voting for someone who wants the government to tax and spend less.
That is possibly the dumbest statement of the year.
Congragulations but don't rest on your laurels there are still two months left for someone to say something dumber.

Chris said...

I agree with Anon 5:34 that there are many people who think that taxes are not that bad. It's those people who don't pay taxes, and who need others to pay more and more taxes to support their existance. Of course, you can have even more people not paying taxes, as long as the rich keep paying for them. The only thing is that at one point, the rich won't have the means or incentive to produce as much as to pay for all the welfare non-payers. And we get to Maggie Thatcher's words... "The problem with socialism is that eventually you run out of other people's money"

ambrosiajr said...

To Anon 1:57pm....

What the hell are you talking about???!!! Art has ALWAYS let people who disagree post on this site. I am one of those people...its a very sight when Art and I agree, yet I am on here all the time with my opinions.

You don't come here too often, do you.

Art Gallagher said...

Thanks Rick.

There have been some comments I rejected recently.

Some, which were repeats of at least the sentitment of comments I allowed a few weeks ago, I had enough of, and didn't appreciate the language.

Others were I might have allowed if they were not anonymous. They were Democrats using my soap box on what is probably the highest traffic day in MMM history given the national attention.

Art Gallagher said...

Incidentally, the comments I didn't like the language of were from the right.

If the person used his/her identity, I would have been happy to embarrass him/her.

Anonymous said...

Quote from Anonymous @5:34:00 PM-"There are many of us who feel that Corzine has done a great job and that taxes are not that bad."

My answer to you is that if Corzine (heaven help us) wins, you will pay your own share plus my share of taxes.

Be careful what you ask for.

It appears I would also qualify for free Obama care and could drop my private insurance. Should I thank you in advance?

I have been a net gain to society for over 40 years of full time private sector employment and have already done my so called patriotic duty.

It is past time for me to worry about starting a retirement plan. I could do this if you cover my health insurance and taxes.

DavidE said...

Corzine is as sleazy as they come when it comes to using the taxpayer's money and occassionally his own to buy votes.

That's the way it is with school aid, pre-K, the homestead rebate and the earned income credit. It's sickening!