Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Sweet Victory

After a long and celebratory night, waking up this morning I know I am not alone in feeling a sense of optimism that I haven't felt in quite some time.

Congratulations and thank you to Chris Christie, his family, and his team.

There's lots of talk on TV about the national implications of Chrisite's victory. Appropriately so. The RGA and the RNC played huge supportive role in the NJ victory. It was great to see RNC Chairman Michael Steele in Parsipanny. Jon Corzine made this a nationally significant race by making Obama his de facto running mate and Obama took the bait.

Congratulations to John Curley who never stopped running for Freeholder after last year's heartbreaking defeat. The Monmouth GOP is back in its rightful place as the sheppard of the outstanding quality of life in Monmouth County New Jersey.

Congratulations to Chairman Joe Oxley. Joe promised Christie a 27,000 vote margin of victory in Monmouth County and delivered 64,000...more than half of Christie's margin of victory statewide. In addition to winning back the Board of Freeholders, we had significant municipal victories throughout the entire county. Oxley has done an outstanding job rebuilding our party, from the grass roots up. He should be on the short list for a Cabinet position in the Christie administration. Whether that happens or not, I hope he stays put as Monmouth GOP chairman for at least another term.

Kim Guadagno makes us all so very proud. She will be missed by so very many in Freehold, yet there is no doubt that she will make a historic impact in Trenton.

Congratulations to the Monmouth County Assembly delegation. Special mention to Sam Thompson and Amy Handlin in district 13 who won with a larger margin than than the great teams of Dave Rible and Mary Pat Angelini in 11 and Caroline Casagrande and Declan O'Scanlon in 12, despite the fake poll the Middletown Democrats floated last week.

The Middletown Democrats got Byrned and came up Short. Congratulations to Steve Massell on a well deserved 5,000 vote victory.


ambrosiajr said...

Congrats to Chris Christie. Lets just hope he will be the leader you guys say he will. Something had to be done and the people of NJ knew it.

I am saddened that the Freeholder board went back to the same old same old. I thought the Dems were doing a fine job. Lets just hope that the old ways are done with.

Anonymous said...

Gee, how does Boss Norcross feel about Corzine's loss? He had to know he was going to lose. Why didn't he pull a last-minute switcheroo like he did re the Torricelli/Lautenberg episode? Could it be that even the Boss is secretly glad to be rid of Corzine? Or did Corzine just refuse to step aside in his typical ego-maniac fashion? What's the REAL SCOOP on this?

TR said...

Hey, I called the % pretty close didn't I?
I knew Dagget would not pull what the polls where saying.

This is great news on so many levels.

The problem will behaving to deal with a legislature taht has been gerrymandered into a Democratic stronghold.

Grace Cangemi said...

There's nothing "same old" about John Curley. He will serve us proudly here in Monmouth County.

I'm so proud that New Jersey voted for change. Now, finally, I have hope. Let's stand behind these worthy public servants and put New Jersey back on it's feet.

Anonymous said...

congrats to Governor Christie, Assembly members O'Scanlon and Cassagrande and "Freeholer" Curley (lol)!!! Republicans swept Monmouth County except one very important town, Marlboro where despite a 30 percentage point Christie win, two Dems were elected. We only won one seat out of three on the Council. Now that, is poor local leadership on Jon Gibardi's shoulders. 30 points and we still could only muster one seat? It was a poor campaign run by and idiot signifying nothing (sorry Mr. Shakespeare). Now that Joe Oxley proved to all that he can lead and get out the vote, he must get rid of Gibardi and fix Marlboro

Anonymous said...

"Why didn't he pull a last-minute switcheroo like he did re the Torricelli/Lautenberg episode? Could it be that even the Boss is secretly glad to be rid of Corzine? Or did Corzine just refuse to step aside in his typical ego-maniac fashion? What's the REAL SCOOP on this?"

The REAL scoop is answered in your second to last question. David Axelrod from the ObamaSquad came here in August to ask Corzine to take one for the team and let Booker or Codey take the ball. Corzine refused. End game.

DavidE said...

I don't think it was a Conservative vs. Liberal thing yesterday.

I think what happenned is that the voters of Monmouth County, Ocean County and several other counties in this state showed that we are fed up with paying massive subsidies (tribute) to the urban centers such as Newark, Hudson County, Trenton, etc. We are tired of paying for 200M high schools (Union City, NJ) with astroturf fields. We are tired of paying municipal aid so Newark and Jersey City can put hack politicans on the payrol. We are tired of paying 25K per student for school and paying for pre-K.

No matter how much the Democratic legislators have bled us, it has never been enough for them. They always wanted more and Corzine just taxed us to give it to them.

Anonymous said...

Nothing could make me happier then to see the GOP back in favor. Nothing would disappoint me more then seeing the old county GOP operatives re-start using the party and offices for personal benefit instead of advancing party philosophical goals. We don't need to see the days of Harry Larrison and his hand picked buddies, the sequel.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully Cristie does a better job running the State then a campaign. Corzine was so hated and did such a bad job in the worste recession in 30 years I wouldn't get too excited. A dog should have been able to win, hard to beleive it was not a bigger blow out. Let's all hope Cristie act like a Republican and forces real deep cuts. This is where the rubber hits the road.

Anonymous said...

Where did the dems hold their wake last night - blowout in Middletown - poor Middletown Mike hasn't even posted the results.

Byrnes did get burned ... Short got cut down to size!

Lawsuit happy Carolyn Schwebel said of Byrnes, that "cream rises to the top". Apparently she can't tell the difference between cream and sour milk. Sour milk gets thrown out!

Question of the day...when will Byrnes resign from the township committee?

Art Gallagher said...

Now that Joe Oxley proved to all that he can lead and get out the vote, he must get rid of Gibardi and fix Marlboro

I don't know Gibardi well, nor do I know dynamics in Marlboro. I do know that a divided team rarely wins.

Marlboro Republicans need to fix the Marlboro GOP. Oxley provides empowerment and resources. It is up to the elected committee people in each town to "fix" themselves.

Chris said...

Manalapan is also divided, and they still won.

Anonymous said...

I always respected your thoughts and opinions, but i respectfully disagree with you Marlboro analysis. Oxley must get involved as the local committee is the problem, local members are out only for themselves, not the betterment of the party. Joe Oxley can empower the right person in Marlboro and provide resources. Unless he does, Marlboro GOPers will never be united

Art Gallagher said...

Unless he does, Marlboro GOPers will never be united

Then they will never be united.

Joe doesn't have a neuralizer, that flashy thing from Men In Black that makes characters forget what happened and gives the secret agent the ability to program new thoughts.

Like Chris said, Manalapan has been divided too. They found a way to win. The town where I'm chairman has been divided and we won. There is nothing that creates unity like victory.

At our victory party last night in Highlands I announced to the crowd that we employed a secret strategy...let our opponents think we were divided and surprise them with our victory. Everyone laughed and we were unitied in victory.

You don't have to like everyone on your team to pull in the same direction.

Anonymous said...

Byrnes finishes out his term but doesn't show up to any meetings. My bet is that he will not seek re-election in Middletown next year.

Anonymous said...

I thought the same thing today, that Sean will not run next year. I think he got beat so badly in the county & I think Middletown is ready for 5 again that he may not want to run & get defeated 2 years in a row.

Anonymous said...

let's see how fast they throw Sean a bone and a judgeship, which is all he wanted, he was never in Freehold before, and won't be again, unless they pull fast strings, and he's strolling up to the courthouse and lunch-bunching in town..also, for God's sake, please let ol' Harry, who had a large part in building the damn county, before he got so sick and lost it, rest in peace: we've paid far too much these past 4 years for 8 dumb people, and Rep's especially, need to stop even talking about it, and move on, and try and do as many good things as the original "Old Boys" did to make us literally #1!!.. as for Marlboro, they've been warring with each other on both sides forever, and perhaps it's the Federal toxic waste sites they have leaching into the water there that makes them nutty, but it will likely ebb and flow, like Howell and Manalapan, as the growth spurts continue, as the NY Dems flood the place, making it continually harder to keep our quality of life going!!!- can we please just enjoy the wins a while, and resume the destructive critiques another day??

Anonymous said...

Judgeship for Byrnes? With ethics charges pending against him in the state (Local Finance Board) and the District IX (Monmouth County) Attorney Ethics Committee, I don't think so.

Anonymous said...

when did a few ethics issues ever stop these creeps?? ask Chris and Kim for a count, for all the fanfare and paper-selling crap we've endured from the APP for 4 years, if you counted the actual # of politicians in jail from here, the large majority belongs to the lovely Dems!!!don't forget that!