Friday, February 19, 2010

Christie Making a Difference Nationally

One would expect Rush Limbaugh to praise Governor Chris Christie's bold cost cutting. Limbaugh's "He's the one we've been waiting for" makes Christie sound like Neo from the Matrix.

Even the editorial from the right leaning Washington Times calling for President Obama to learn fiscal responsibility from Christie is not terribly surprising.

CNBC's Dennis Kenale declaring With NJ Governor Christie, A Star is Born in response to Christie appearance of the network earlier this week got my attention.

The most impressive thing I heard about our governor his week was from a small business owner from Syosset, NY. This guy and his brother drove from Long Island to Belford to buy a truck from me early this week, before Christie's appearance on CNBC. After "how are you, nice to meet you" his next words were "How about that new Governor of yours?! He's just what we need in New York. He's starting a wave that will move across the country." I kid you not. That's what the owner of a demolition company from Long Island said to the guy who sold him his new truck.

Christie has often said he will govern as a one termer. He's not. Corzine and Florio governed as one termers. McGreevey governed as a 1/2 termer. Chris Christie is governing according to his oath of office and his campaign promises. More than the chattering class is noticing.

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