Saturday, February 27, 2010

Pallone Exposed

There is a conversation about the CD 6 race going on at the Atlantic Highlands Herald forum. One of the participants using the monkier HighlanderNJ had the following to say about Congressman Frank Pallone:

I was one of the attendees at Congressman Pallone's Health Care meeting in Red Bank. I am a registered Independent. I am a very informed voter. I think Frank Pallone has done a lot for this area especially when it comes to environmental issues.

However, I am not voting for him again for several reasons. One of them being his disappointing town meeting in Red Bank to discuss the health care issue. Prior to the meeting, I went onto the Congressional website and specifically read the health care plan that Pallone wrote and sponsored.

Several things happened at that meeting. An accountant, who also read Pallone's plan, asked him questions about how the plan would be paid for. He could not answer the questions. Another man stood up and told the Congressman that he and other members in his Financial Firm spent over 15 hours working out the numbers in the plan. He said there were problems, and they would respectfully like to show him the areas where there were problems. Repeatedly Palone said that there were numerous plans, and his was only one of them. These plans would be discussed and incorporated into one plan. Another man asked Pallone if he and the rest of Congress would try out the plan for a year before passing it on to the American Public. Pallone didn't answer that one either. That tells you how good the plan is.

I couldn't understand why we were brought into a meeting talking about a plan that didn't really exist.

I think the point in which I became most disgusted with the dog and pony show and Frank Pallone, as well, was when a Veteran of the Armed Forces in a wheelchair wheeled himself up to the front to address Congressman Pallone. This gentleman had an issue with the fact that his wheelchair wasn't working properly. He explained that normally the wheelchair would be replaced, but the manufacturer who supplied the wheelchair to the Veteran's Administration was no longer in business. Therefore, his problem was tied up in bureaucratic red tape. He asked Congressman Pallone for help. The Congressman told him that we are only here tonight to discuss health care issues, and suggested he stop by his office in Long Branch to speak to him. This veteran was extremely respectful to Congressman Pallone at all times. The veteran responded that he did go Pallone's office after making an appointment, but he couldn't get into the building because it wasn't........handicapped accessible! The entire room started to boo. Pallone turned to one of his people and said, "I thought that was taken care of." That was it for me.

So for all of you in the 6th District who vote for Pallone because as the other commenter says, "We always chose Pallone." Think again.

He obviously wasn't there for the constituent who lost his ability to walk while fighting for our freedom. Pallone is no different from the rest of the phonies in Washington. I saw and heard it firsthand. He lost my vote the minute he passed the buck to the little guy who worked for him. I couldn't believe that the office of a Congressman was in violation of the American with Disabilities Act, and that all people did not have access to the building that we all pay for.

If Frank Pallone was the person I thought he was, he would not have told a Disabled American Veteran in a wheelchair to "come to my office." He would have told the man that he would come to his home and handled the issue himself.

I had a high opinion of Frank Pallone, but that all changed in Red Bank.

Pallone needs to be voted out with the rest of the "entitled" in Washington.


Anonymous said...

to whomever gets the nod: there ya go,not better said by overpaid consultants:..visions of little clocks or hourglasses with the words: "time's run out for Frank Pallone-Elect "whomever" to Congress,2010"...let's be smart, and get it done, it's what the country's finally awake and begging for!..

Anonymous said...

No more politicians, please.

Anonymous said...

Hey! Stop bashing Congressman Pallone. He couldn't possibly have known that there was no ramp at his office because it's in Long Branch and he's all the way in Washington D.C.

Anonymous said...

you gotta GET elected to make a difference, whatever that takes..

Git 'er done said...

bye bye, Mr. Long Branch Pizza Pie (we hope)..

Anonymous said...

good reporting Art, way to go right to the source. A real Edward R. Murrow - why don't you start reporting on what is being commented on the Asbury Park Press comments page? After all, you've been whining about being taken seriously and that politicians won't talk to you because your not a 'real' media outlet. Way to prove them wrong with this top-notch reporting. You really exposed Pallone here.

Art Gallagher said...

why don't you start reporting on what is being commented on the Asbury Park Press comments page?

I can't believe I never thought of that!

Bruce Flitt said...


Anonymous said...

Frank Pallone is "Old Promise Me". He will tell people what they want to hear but never follows through. I wonder what he does in Washington. As far as I know he has never authored a bill himself. Keeps him out of the radar and he goes on and on collecting a large salary and benefits and doing nothing. Hopefully someone out there can beat him this year.

Anonymous said...

Frank Pallone: the luckiest nothing in the Congress..let's see:we know he can't run on "save the fort"- he didn't, everybody loves a clean ocean, he votes for naming post offices, and, oh, yeah,he votes with Pelosi 100% of the time!! strike 22 (years): yer out, pal!!