Thursday, February 25, 2010

Red Tape Review Group Hearings Scheduled

Lt. Governor Kim Guadagno's Red Tape Review Group will be holding a hearing in Monmouth County on March 9, 4PM, at the Warner Student Life Building of Brookdale Community College. The topic of this hearing will be Eliminating Unfunded Mandates.

Members of the public wishing to testify before the group are asked to bring copies of their remarks and submissions for group members.

In addition to the Lt. Governor, Red Tape Review Group Members are: Senator Barbara Buono, Senator Steve Oroho, Assemblyman John Burzichelli, Assemblyman Scott Rumana, Acting DCA Commissioner Lori Grifa, Acting DEP Commissioner Bob Martin and Chief Counsel of the Governor’s Office or his designee.

Additional meetings of the group are scheduled for March 2,2PM at Rowan University, Chamberlain Student Center, room 221 on the topic Reforming the Administrative Rulemaking Process in New Jersey and March 23, 3PM, on Regulations that should be eliminated or modified based upon the “Common Sense Principles for Rulemaking at the Conference Center at Montclair State University.


James said...

Kim Guadagno did a horrible job of running the county jail when she was the sheriff. I don't hold out much hope that she will offer much in the way of solutions for what ails New Jersey.

Put shackles on jail costs

Anonymous said...

beg to differ- she stood up against the Dems and fought for her people, trying to help get them re-employed when they dumped the officers..any kind of look at the insanity that is this overregulated place is a start, give it some time..

James said...

The jail needs to be privatized. Guadagno should have pushed for that change. Instead, she was little more than an ineffective cheereleader for the status quo.

Freeholder calls for privatizing jail

Keep us safe said...

..and your law enforcement experience is??

Anonymous said...

James, Mr Damico should focus on the massive waist going on at our public schools. Privatise the public school and save the taxpayers 11 Billion Dollars. That will ballance the states budget over night!