Thursday, March 25, 2010

Byrnes will nominate Venables at Dem Convention

Middletown Township Committeeman Sean Byrnes, last year's Democratic Freeholder candidate, will nominate Spring Lake Councilwoman Janice Venables to be Freeholder John D'Amico's running mate at the Monmouth County Democratic convention this Saturday morning.

Democratic activist Vin Gopal announced that Byrnes would be nominating Venables, who is competing with Vincent Solomeno of Hazlet, in an email to Democratic convention voters.

Gopal said,

"At this Saturday's convention, we are fortunate to have two very talented candidates seeking our party's nomination for county freeholder. I am proudly supporting Spring Lake Borough Councilwoman Janice Venables for this year's Democratic nomination for Monmouth County Freeholder to run with incumbent Democratic Freeholder John D'Amico. Janice has served on the borough council since 1999 and has a history of winning independent and Republican votes. She was overwhelmingly re-elected in 2009, which was considered a bad year for Democrats. Janice is an attorney by trade, having previously served as municipal prosecutor and as an investigator for the District IX Attorney Ethics Committee.

More than anything, the year is 2010 and it is unacceptable to run 3 men on the ballot by either of the major political parties. Janice is our party's best option. With her running by John D'Amico's side, we can retake control of the freeholder board this year."

Solomeno has won the endorsement of the Professional Firefighters Association of NJ, AFL-CIO, according to a report in Politickernj.

Gopal told MoreMonmouthMusings that former Wall prosecutor Eric Brophy will be uncontested for the Democratic nomination for sheriff.


stopthesocialists said...

A union endorsement will be the kiss of death for any candidate unfortunate to receive one.

Anonymous said...

"it is unacceptable to run 3 men on the ballot"

What a strong endorsement: let's vote for Venables b/c she is a woman.

She must be embarrassed by that comment.

Anonymous said...

I hear regardless of her party, she is a fair and balanced person.
Being a women will resonate well. NO embarrassment. Too many men in the political world.

stopthesocialists said...

Two words anon 8:02 - Michelle Roth.

Anonymous said...

dont worry every time Damico opens his mouth he wil put the two of them farther away from getting elected. lets see how much he flip flops on the issues this election year

Anonymous said...

who is Michelle Roth?

Anonymous said...

can someone explain to me why vin gopal speaks for anyone? if venables is a credible candidate, her gender is of little consequence. Vin needs to go work a joe vas campaign again.

Anonymous said...

guess no more tries for county business for Brophy, then.. super, one less Dem lawyer who likely gave to Green and Wiesniewski, who funded Mallet,D'Amico,Mason, etc., etc.... "stay out our county, boys!!"

Anonymous said...

Tom Wilkens is a very strong candidate. He is a Stanford graduate in political science and went to CBA high school. He is a world class swimmer: Olympic Bronze medalist in swimming. Former Middletown councilman. Great speaker, polished and smart. He is what Monmouth County needs in a Freeholder.