Thursday, March 04, 2010

CD 12

Mike Halfacre sat with me for an interview yesterday. While I haven't started editing yet, I have a feeling that Sipprelle supporters will comment that I'm shilling for Halfacre and that Halfacre supporters will complain that I'm shilling for Sipprelle. The first segment should be posted over the weekend.

Scott Sipprelle continues to avoid questions with his run out the clock strategy. Since we really don't know who he is, other than what he tells us, I'm researching him as if I was prepping for an interview...reading his book, The Golden Dog, and Blue Blood & Mutinity: The Fight for the Soul of Morgan well as talking to people who know him from his Wall Street career. I hope he reconsiders his strategy and answers the questions I will raise and the conclusions I will draw.

I did learn that Sipprelle can be funny and deliver a zinger.

I ran into him at a fund raiser this week. Someone standing near us attempted an introduction saying, "Scott, do you know Art Gallagher?" Sipprelle said, "Oh I know Art," in a tone that didn't sound so friendly. I followed up with an email to him acknowledging the meeting and once again offering the interview. I said, "I'm not that dangerous." He replied that he enjoyed seeing me too and that he "doesn't think I'm dangerous at all."

"Ouch! Not even a little?," was my reply with a third invitation to interview which he declined.


Anonymous said...

I wish he would sit down with you.
I think you would like each other.

Anonymous said...

How did you miss sean kean's endorsement of gooch today while never missing teabagger endorsements from people with a facebook page that nobody has ever heard of?

Anonymous said...

12's a trainwreck, 6 is scary..

Anonymous said...

Halfacre has plently of time, he does nothing. Of course, he sat with you. His schedule is wide open. A do-nothing!

Anonymous said...

Kean endorses gooch

Rino love

Anonymous said...

I like this site and find lots of interesting political info here. Not really a Sipperelli supporter, but more someone looking for the best candidate. Halfacre blew his credibility from the posts on this site early on. Art seems to have admitted he is biased and not sure why having a blog entitles him to an interview. Gotta give Sipperelli credit from not caring and doing what he wants. We need more like that in politics. I would be interested in more choice, but will not vote for someone annointed by the County machine, we need new people not old politics.