Tuesday, March 23, 2010


"Promises Not to Be Cowed by the Same Tired Tactics Pallone Used Against Governor Christie "

Red Bank, New Jersey: On the very first day of Diane Gooch's campaign for Congress, Frank Pallone dispatched a henchman to try to stop the momentum represented by the 200-strong crowd that showed up for Diane's announcement in Red Bank.

Congressman Pallone enlisted his ally Michael Mangan to try to bloody the waters. Mangan, a councilman in Manasquan who also serves as spokesman for the Monmouth Democratic Party, issued a statement dripping with sarcasm and sexism:

"The Rumson billionaire Diane Gooch now wants to entertain herself with politics. She took her and her husband's profits from Wall Street to buy a mansion, to buy a yacht, to buy a newspaper, and now she wants to buy a seat in Congress. No matter how much money she has or spends, she won't be able to buy a true understanding of the concerns of working people. Family bills, health care costs, housing expenses and job security are everyday concerns for most of us during these difficult economic times, but these are issues so distant to her circumstances she wouldn't be able to recognize them with a yachtsman's telescope."

Perhaps Frank Pallone, who has worked in Washington for 22 years and has never held a private-sector job, believes that the women of this community do nothing but shop. But he cannot hide from a record of sponsoring government takeover of health care and voting with Nancy Pelosi a shocking 99.2% of the time. He can mock a woman who has worked hard to achieve the American Dream, but the fact remains that 44 percent of Frank Pallone's contributions come from Special Interest Groups.

If Mangan did his homework, he would find that Diane Gooch wouldn't need to "buy a true understanding of the concerns of working people," because those same concerns dominated her life during much of her formative years. Her family struggled as her father lost his job, her mother battled with terminal cancer, all while Diane worked days to put herself through school at night. Later, she and her husband risked everything to start a business that today has created 1,700 private sector jobs. She overcame these early challenges and succeeded in achieving the American Dream, which should be worthy of praise, not mockery. Frank Pallone may have forgotten where he came from, but Diane Gooch certainly has not.

We've seen this before from Frank Pallone. Throughout last year's campaign for governor, Frank Pallone was trotted out by Jon Corzine to make nasty attacks on Chris Christie. It didn't work last November and it's not going to work this November. It's time to turn the page in Washington.

Editors note:

I relaxed my policy of not publishing candidates press releases before the price of admission has been paid because, quite frankly I find this press release to be alarming.

1) There is not one quote from the candidate. We all know that professional staffers write this things, including the quotes. I have to wonder how professional the staffer is in this case.

2)Call me a chauvinists if you think I am, but I didn't find Mangan's comments ugly or sexist. Sarcastic? Sure, welcome to politics.

I found them to be a gentle preview of the Pallone campaign should Gooch be the GOP nominee. That Gooch would issue an indignant response to Mangan's gentle jab, almost a week after it was issued makes me wonder if she is too far removed from the tough life in Queens and Long Island to be making that the basis of her campaign.

6th district voters may momentarily sympathise with Gooch because her father lost his job when Jimmy Carter was President and because her mother died of cancer. But the vast majority are more concerned about their own jobs and well being now. They want to know how Gooch will impact those challenges, not that her feelings are hurt.

This release plays to Gooch's weakness. If this is her message her candidacy does not stand a chance. If if she is so easily thrown off message, Mangan, Pallone and the DNC will have a field day and won't need to put and dent in Frank's war chest.

3)Is this really the message that Gooch wants to convey on the day that the President signed the health care bill?


Anonymous said...

Personally, as a woman, I was very hurt that mammograms weren't mentioned.

Anonymous said...

Although I totally disagree with you on the CD-12 race, I agree with you that if she is this thin-skinned and reactionary, she is doomed. Plus, I do not find this sexist in the least.

Anonymous said...

i think dianes just happy someones paying attention to her, and it only took 4 million dollars of her husbands money. FACT: It is her husband's money, he made it, she didn't do anything to build the business. ANOTHER FACT: Does a rich woman from Highlands really know what people in Asbury Park, Long Branch, the Bayshore, Plainfield, Franklin, New Brunswick etc. are going through?

Anonymous said...

Pollone has had a silver spoon and pacifier in his mouth since his car dealer Daddy funded his political career early on startingin Long Branch. Pallone is a career closet politician who married late on,just like Mcgreevy. A political move. It's no surprise he has a dislike for women. Jim Mcgreevy did too. Who does he and his campaign think they are kidding. He has done nothing for his district. His 22 year track record is flat!

Both women running can wipe the flood waters up with him.

Anonymous said...

How, exactly, is Gooch qualified to be a Congresswoman? Because she has a couple mil to blow on campaign ads?

If that's the only qualifier you need to be a serious Congressional candidate, the state of politics in our country is a lot worse off than I thought. Diane Gooch - all her millions = a candidate who couldn't win a city council seat.

At least Anna Little has some policy background.

Anonymous said...

So is she saying that her husband was not filthy rich already when he started GFI? He was just a regular working Joe who risked it all to start a hedge fund that traded credit derivatives?

Is that the story?

Anonymous said...

Diane Gooch has not spent a single cent on political mail or television or radio, as far as I can tell. And yet she won the Middlesex screening and the Somerset Convention. She is doing it by being the best and most qualified candidate. As for "not mentioning" healthcare, she put out a whole release about it Monday afternoon! You idiots who attack her and her husband for starting with nothing and taking a second mortgage to build a business basically aren't real Republicans, since you clearly know nothing about creating jobs in the private sector. If you were a real Republican, your priority would be beating Frank Pallone. Diane Gooch gives us a shot.

Anonymous said...

I really didn't want to say anything but here it goes:

I was at Dianne's event in Red Bank. I was hopeful we finally had a candidate that had the money and the know how to beat Frank. I was disappointed in her speech.

I saw the speech anna little gave at her kickoff on Youtube. WOW. Major contrast.

I talked with Dianne that night about the issues with regard to the country. Her answers were very general and at times she seemed a little confused about what I was talking about.

I saw Anna Little's interviews here on MMM. She knows what she is talking about. I don't agree 100%, but at least I know exactly where she stands.

I have decided to vote for Anna Little at the Monmouth Screening. We can't beat Pallone with Dianne, even if she spent 20,000,000.00. I appreciate her philanthropy, and her donations to the GOP. Her strength is her ability to give. I can't support a neophyte in this race.

This country is at a cross roads. WE CAN'T AFFORD TO LOOSE ANYMORE FREEDOM. We have to beat Pallone, this election is about the issues not about the money.


Chair Person, Somewhere in Monmouth County.

Anonymous said...

"You idiots who attack her and her husband for starting with nothing and taking a second mortgage to build a business basically aren't real Republicans,"

let's except your premise that they started from nothing. Not sure I believe that but OK.

I am not attacking her for being Rich. Good for them. As long as people don't break the law I don't care how they make their money or how they spend it.

However, she will not be running against a "real republican" in November. She will be running against a democrat who believes in fostering class warfare and is good at it, in a distrct that will respond to it.
No matter what she did in the past these people will see her as a wealthy socialite from outside their district. Congressman Poltroon will play into that with exquisite expertise.
So it does not matter what I think about her background. I think its great she is rich.

But I am smart enough to know that no matter how hard she tries she is not gonna sell in that distict. I grew up there. I know those people.

In her own district, Rumson, fairhaven Little silver, holmdel, princeton, West Windsor. There she would be a decent candidate.

But that is not where she is running.

I am also backing Anna because I think she is smarter and more conservative then Gooch.

Not that Gooch is stupid Anna is just Smarter and a better speaker to boot.

Anonymous said...

Anna is a lawyer who has been politicking for years- no wonder she's a good speaker-

Don't we have enough lawyers in Washington?

Anonymous said...

President Obama is an articulate lawyer too!!

Anonymous said...

Diane Gooch has not spent a single cent on political mail or television or radio, as far as I can tell. And yet she won the Middlesex screening and the Somerset Convention.

Correction: She did send a mailer, I received one. Before the screening meeting in Middlesex she invited all the district people to her house for a party. Rumor has it she offered to help with the local campaigns $$. Many were impressed with the Manor.

Anonymous said...

This is a tough one. We all agree the goal is to get Pallone out - but the reality is no one knows for sure 1)Little with good credentials -sorry the anti "lawyer" thing and "politician" thing doesn't resonante with me Pallone is the worst kind of lawyer non working and Little states she is a one person operation, supporting her family Pallone career big $$ pol while Little did short stint for not whole lot of $ as Freeholder and I doublt that Highlans mayor is some big money gig either so it goes to better prepared, more seasoned, more education and seemingly more attuned to issues, more relatable to distict and in district but ANY MONEY??? How does self employed make a living/fundraise/run for office without burning out and can enough $$ be raised to counter pallone's war chest?
2) Gooch not unlikable, could learn,savvy, seems to really care not in this for "fun" (who in the world actually wants to put self out there when can enjoy life in luxury? she is doing it, doesn't project an ego thing) and HAS MONEY to fight Pallone granted, with no $$ to put in there would have been no outreach/support for her candidacy I think we can all agree

SO, the question is how much $$, or enough $$ can Little get and if not enough is this a lost coause AND with $$ does Gooch have a chance PROBLEM: I HAVE NO IDEA!!! the rest of the posting geniuses...how can anyone really know

Truth: wouldn't the best candidate be Little w/Gooch $$ or Gooch w/Little experience??? Since that is not the case, what is best choice? I don't have say in who gets Monmouth line, but you who do, give that some hard thought. Thanks :)

we need an intervention said...

good insights by you guys.. I am very scared Diane, well-meaning, will spend all that money, get beaten up by the Pallone goons, and still lose.. Anna is definitely the conservative voice the country is crying for, but is having a hard time getting some seed money and support where it counts.. it all spells a disaster for the ticket in dist. 6, which unfortunately covers some 21 towns in our county, meaning much more effort will be required, to get/keep 3 seats in Freehold..

Anonymous said...

Look If Anna where to be thw candisate she would be able to raise the coupl 150 thou you need to run a campaign.

Sure Pallone has 4 million but in this election cycle that is offset by a strong conservative grass roots movement. Money is not everything.

Conservative Republicans can win this time out without having a ton of money.

On the other hand if you have a lot of money but a weak message the grass soots will not bother with you. They are not going to support you just because you are not the other guy.

Diane Gooch is not a grass roots candidate. This is not the political climate for her type of candidate. If she gets the nomination she will loose no matter how much she spends. In another time and place that might not be true but this is now in the 6th district.

Anna Little is the perfect republican candidate in this election cycle. A conservative maverick with blue collar appeal who is articulate.
She is Sarah Palin with a really high IQ.

TR said...

We need BYLAWS as now required by law and we need a process that involves as many people as possible in picking who gets the line.
It should include Municipal Chairman, all elected officials including municipal ones, county committee people, Republican club members, Young Republican members, Federated Women (i think thats right?) and any other sanctioned county wide republican group.

The only ones I wouldn't put on unless they they belonged to one of the above groups is prior elected officials. I don't get why the merit influence once they are out of office.

This would prevent special intrests from calling the shots and nominate the candidate with the broadest appeal.
It would give us the strongest candidate.

It will not happen because it would dilute the power of the people who leech off the system

Anonymous said...

Do Anna a favor, don't compare her with Palin, it will offend some voters and chase them away.

Nice job, Affiliated Club.. said...

candidates' nights are great for new candidates to get practice before a largely friendly crowd: press the flesh, think on their feet, what to say, how to say it,form and deliver your message, etc..glad so many showed, all went very well tonight,everyone seems like a decent, sincere person, but we now have to pick whom others, outside of our party, will hear/support, who's more credible, who has a better handle on the pulse out there, who can win!.. but,I gotta say: am very scared, of and for Gooch: seems like they'll buy the nod for her, but as of tonight, Frankie's gonna tear her to shreds, and, please, well-paid handlers: do NOT stop, do NOT pass go, send her immediately to intense candidate and elocution school:.. "how about", this, "how about" that..several times,that was very rudimentary and almost childish, very poor delivery..nice deep voice, but almost zero comprehension of: issue-and- remedy.. MUCH to be done there!..and, supporting Arnone, but, any of the freeholder guys will be a welcome breath of sanity next to crazy Curley, who can't seem to get out of barn-burner-campaign-mode: dude, it ain't your year, please,quiet down, act like an elected official with some dignity of the office, for God's sake: 2 3/4 more years of that will be tedious at best and downright destructive, at worst!!!

Anonymous said...

Have heard many candidates speak for many years. Gooch's speech was poorly written, horrendously delivered. She is not a presenter or publiic speaker. Was one of the worst speeches I have ever heard. She didnt speak of any of the issues at all and was a bit scary to listen to. I know she is well funded with money but is this the best the Republicans can do ?

Anonymous said...

Gooch has very apparent weaknesses: her presentation style, formal education is lacking, no government exp., articulation is very poor, and knowledge of all the issues is absent. Can we secretly agree that she is not qualified but has alot of money to spend ? Shame on the Republican party for overlooking all of these weaknesses for big dollars to spend.

Anonymous said...

I'm a Republican and firmly believe a wealthy woman can still be a bright and effective politician, but Diane Gooch is not one of them. The closest thing she's had to a career in her 30 years of adulthood is designer clothes shopping. She's had people kowtowing to her so long because of her money, she now thinks her opinions are valuable. Don't throw any surprise questions at her like," What are the 2 countries which border the US?" or " How many US Congressmen are there?" because I'm not confident she would know. She's going to end up being a real embarrassment to her backers when she finally has to speak.

Melissa said...

I don't think people should just ANYONE by the amount of money they have or had...or don't have. Look at their qualifications and see how they can help improve any situation. Stop judging and hating people because they have money, especially when they are trying to use the money they have to help others.