Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Halfacre withdraws

Fair Haven Mayor Mike Halfacre, 12th District Republican congressional candidate, released the following statement today:

“In light of the results of the last several weeks, I will be suspending my campaign operations as of today and will no longer seek the Republican nomination for Congress from the 12th District of New Jersey. I spoke with Scott Sipprelle a short time ago, wished him luck, and offered my help in any way possible to achieve our mutual goal: removing America’s most liberal Congressman, Rush Holt, from office.

This is a difficult decision, mostly because of the responsibility I feel toward the many, many people who have supported me over the last year. I would like to publicly thank all of those people for their passion, determination, loyalty and selflessness.

It has truly been a humbling and inspiring experience to meet so many new people who were willing to give their time, efforts, or resources in support of my candidacy. I look forward to maintaining those friendships, and working with the people in the 12th District to elect Republicans to office at all levels of government.

Primaries are divisive by their nature, but as long as they are not destructive I believe they make the victorious candidate stronger. I know I will be a better candidate in the future for having gone through this, and I know Scott Sipprelle is a stronger candidate today then the day he got into the race.

I believe that in a primary, you give it your best effort and you shake hands like gentlemen at the end, win or lose. Because I believe that, I am asking my supporters to do what I am going to do: give their full support to Scott Sipprelle in his effort to defeat Rush Holt. The faster we unite in this worthy effort, the stronger we will become, and the better chance we will have to send Rush Holt packing.”


Tom said...

My sincere sympathy to Mike. Under the circumstances, the withdrawal is a good decision. I'm sure it was a tough one. Let's all focus on defeating Holt.

Anonymous said...

Anyone who has been through this knows the pain and second guessing. My hat is off to Mike for this responsible act and statement.

Anonymous said...

Difficult decision. Classy exit. He has a bright future. Solidly united we can and will beat Holt!

Anonymous said...

I can well understand how difficult this must have been. Having put himself out there before anyone else and before the political winds of Christie Brown occurred tough that cash is king but have heard that Sipprelle has decent presence friendly etc and is committed to doing this so let's hope for the best and start the november election cycle now

Anonymous said...

I was not happy with the way Mike campaigned, but he has salvaged things a bit with this latest act. Mike's decision will allow us to avoid a ruinously expensive and divisive primary, and will allow us to unite early behind a candidate and devote our resources to defeating Holt. Bravo, Mike!

Anonymous said...

Well said.

Anonymous said...

will Holt try to run a 3rd party candidate, a la Chris Daggett? Probably claim to be a conservative or tea party write in candidate just to take votes away from the Sipper.

When will the Reps run a "liberal" 3rd party write in against the dems (they promised a public option and didn't deliver!)?

Anonymous said...

Glad he withdrew, nasty campaigning never works, especially when it's full of lies. Now, first, start working on truly reducing taxes in Fair Haven and NOT at the children's expense, like current Middletown Mayor is trying to do. Try taking after our Governor, put children first!

Anonymous said...

In a primary battle I would have voted for Scott.

Mike however was royally screwed over by people he thought where his friends.

Proves the old adage. If you want a friend in Politics...... get a dog.