Monday, March 22, 2010


HIGHLANDS, NJ – Highlands Mayor, Anna Little, the Republican candidate for Congress in New Jersey’s 6th Congressional District, has said about last night's health care vote in congress: “The current health insurance bills proposed by both chambers of Congress, and The Obama Administration, should be opposed under any circumstances, as they will effectively “socialize” our entire health care insurance and medical delivery system, and create a single payer government run bureaucracy.”

While the health insurance system does need to be reformed, allowing the government to socialize 1/6 of the economy is not the answer. She proposes six areas of reform for the current system that will reduce costs and increase access to health care for average Americans:

Enact Tort reform in order to reduce the practice of “defensive medicine” by doctors and hospitals.

Increase competition within the insurance industry by allowing providers to sell policies across state lines.

Demonstrate a commitment to stop Medicare and Medicaid fraud.

Eliminate tax payer subsidized health care for those illegally in the United States.

Encourage Health Savings Accounts.

Remove anti-trust protections for insurance companies.

Anna wants to end the process of socializing our health care system and begin the process of returning the control of medical care to the consumer.

“Last night's votes in Washington represent social progressive political agendas and special interests. This is NOT the will of the PEOPLE. It is more urgent now than ever that the People stand up and take Government back”, said Mayor Anna Little.

Mayor Little encourages the public to continue to express their opinions on this important matter. “I urge you to write to your NJ Assembly members demanding that the State of NJ pass legislation to make this bill illegal here, especially the mandate and the consequences for failure to comply. These provisions will bankrupt businesses and increase the double digit unemployment rate in NJ.” said Mayor Little.

Public participation in government is essential to its proper operation. We must continue to engage our representatives on this issue, ensuring that our Representatives in Washington clearly understand insisting that they repeal this law as soon as possible.

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Anonymous said...

even if that could occur,will we get Federal "rebates" of all the increased taxes we'll be paying starting immediately from this debacle, even if a miracle occurs in Nov?.. they're moving forward right now, with amnesty: on and on.. there will be just no country left, after 2010's damage..anyone who was never convinced how important a majority is, hopefully finally gets-it, at this point!..while it's ok to try the good fight once again, but it's obvious they're just ain't enough payers/thinkers now, and far too many takers/drones!..pathetic to come to this!