Monday, March 15, 2010


Candidate supported by Sipprelle gave thousands to Rush Holt, among others

Halfacre for Congress spokesman Tom Fitzsimmons revealed today that on-and-off Republican Scott Sipprelle and his wife gave $5,200- the maximum amount allowed by law- to Princeton Democratic mayoral candidate Kim Pimley in April of 2007. Pimley is a major Democratic campaign contributor who, at the time of her candidacy, was a member of the Board of Trustees of the New Jersey American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU).

One of the major beneficiaries of her donations has been Congressman Rush Holt, to whom Pimley has donated $3,500, according to, a website which tracks campaign donations.

“The list of Democrats Scott Sipprelle has contributed to continues to grow, and so do the questions about his commitment to Republican principles,” said Fitzsimmons. “Mr. Sipprelle claims to be a true conservative Republican, but time after time he has donated money to people whose values and goals are 180 degrees opposite of real Republicans. He needs to explain why.”

Fitzsimmons continued, “We can all understand being supportive of a neighbor running for office, but giving over $5,000 to a woman who is an ACLU board member and whose list of political donations reads like a Who’s Who of the American left? I may like my neighbors, but if they’re giving thousands of dollars to Rush Holt, Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama, their values clearly are not in step with mine and I wouldn’t be supporting them for public office. If this were an isolated incident you might even be able to explain it away, but it isn’t. It’s a troubling pattern, it started years ago, and continued right up until just a few months ago.”

The list of Democrats Sipprelle has donated to now includes:

Democratic Senator Charles Schumer-$1,000

Democratic Senator Joe Lieberman- $1,000 (note: at the time of Mr. Sipprelle’s donation, 8/30/05, Mr. Lieberman was still a Democrat)

Democrat Princeton mayoral candidate Kim Pimley- $5,200 (maximum donation under law made by Mr. Sipprelle and his wife)

June, 2009 (During Cap and Trade and Healthcare debate)
Allen Boyd Jr., (FL-2)- $500
Charles Melancon, (LA-3)- $500
Heath Shuler, (NC-11)- $500
Barron Hill, (IN-9)- $500
Stephanie Herseth Sandlin, (SD-1)- $500

Fitzsimmons concluded “In 2007, three weeks after he “re-affiliated” as a Republican, Mr. Sipprelle was giving over $5,000 to a hardcore Democrat in a local election. It is this inconsistent behavior- in his donations and in his registration history- which have led many 12th District voters to question his commitment to core Republican values. This year more than any in recent memory, actions speak louder than words. Mike Halfacre is a mayor who has cut property taxes by adhering to traditional Republican values; Scott Sipprelle is a wealthy Wall Street insider who is talking like a Republican now, but has shown by his actions that those words are suspect at best. That is why, six times out of six, citizens who have had a chance to review both candidates’ records, have chosen Mike Halfacre over Mr. Sipprelle and why Mike Halfacre is the best candidate to defeat Rush Holt in November.”


Anonymous said...

Halfacher's campaign is tired, harsh and shrill. Exactly what people don't want in their congressman. Bellyacher hasn't closed the deal to tell anyone why he should be heading to congrees. His misleading campaign was doomed from the start.

Anonymous said...

Boys, you got to get in the modern era.

You are saying that Tracy Sipprelle doesn't have an independent right to decide how she wants to contribute HER MONEY? So her contribution is automatically her husbands?

How sexist.

Mike Halfacre, in 2010, if you haven't heard, we women make our own decisions buddy.

Broken record said...

one more time,NO ONE CARES who gave what money to whom!..has NO relevance to BEATING the incumbent most liberal wacko!!!..the more you pick at the irrelevant, the more irrelevant you unfortunately become..

Anonymous said...

I like non-partisanship!! Go Sipprelle!

Anonymous said...

Halfacre is the ONLY true conservative that will speak the will of the people in DC!!! These donations prove that Scott Siprelle is NOT, and will vote along with the Dems if it suits him.

Anonymous said...

There's a reason why ALL the Tea Party groups in NJ are fully supporting Mike Halfacre. There are new times in our country and the people want new types of leaders. We cant afford more RINO's working against the people in DC!

Anonymous said...

If you claim to be a Republican WHY would you donate to LIBERALS?? I live in Florida but will spread the word about Spirelle FAR & WIDE....he's a RINO!! GO HALFACRE 2010!!!!!

Jim J said...

It is a sad day for Middlesex county that the many republicans have backed another democratic candidate. What is it that you all like so much about Scott? his complete lack of any political experience? his money handouts? his donations to several democratic people? What? did he promise you money? is he going to pay your mortgage like Obama promised? just vote for Rush holt then but save yourself the embarrassment of backing a candidate who is following in Corzine's footsteps. Buying your way into an election. Very pathetic and even more pathetic that you drank from the sippy cup. New Jersey, pack up and plan your move out of state so you can stop spending your retirement while trying to raise your families here.Mike Halfacre is a TRUE conservative with EXPERIENCE!. He is not trying to buy his way in with his OWN fortune he made off of the corrupt WALL STREET.

Anonymous said...

With all due respect, Jim J, you know not of what you speak.

If you lived in Fair Haven, you would know ALL about Mike Halfacre.

And there is a lot more than just never finishing a term of office, always quitting for some pension-padding job the remaining governing body will give him. Much more.

You have a dream candidate, and I understand your dream....but Halfacre ain't it. He is a self-serving political opportunist, the kind that D.C. is full of. You've been doused with the snake oil from this salesman.

Anonymous said...

You can not call anyone a true Republican who has made a living of the taxpayers on government jobs. True Republicans own and run businesses and step up to run for office, serve a term or two in any given office then go back to work in the private sector. These career politicians and hacks seeking political appointments are not true Republicans. Sorry that the truth hurts.

Anonymous said...


I have tried to post comments and you are clearly blocking them- I thought journalists were supposed to be unbiased when covering "the news." You have no commitment to liberty.

Art Gallagher said...

I have tried to post comments and you are clearly blocking them- I thought journalists were supposed to be unbiased when covering "the news." You have no commitment to liberty.

Try again without the personal attacks and insults.

How's this for liberty...if you don't like how I run this blog, start your own.

Your candidate knows how to get full access to this blog...sit for an interview or buy an ad. That's liberty.

Anonymous said...

@ Art, you are a great blogger, and have every right to block when people start personal insults.
@ Jim J, you are right on!
@ Jim J's critic, bet you dont live in Fairhaven yourself, because if you did, you would know that Mike is the candidate FOR the people and not someone who would compromise on his values and principles.

Anonymous said...

Frankly, there is an unsophisticated Rube-like quality to the complaints about Sipprelle's limited donations to Democrats (especially in light of the hundreds of thousands of dollars Sipprelle has given over the years to Republican causes). I see nothing wrong with making targeted donations to Democratic candidates when the alternative is worse. The donations to the Blue Dogs is a case in point, as is the donation to Kim Pimley. There was no viable Republican candidate to donate to when Pimley ran for mayor in Princeton. Pimley was a far better choice than the other Democratic candidate. Should Sipprelle not have gotten involved in that home-town election, or was it better for him to support the better (although not ideal) candidate? If a Republican is elected from CD-12, he is going to need to be able to occasionally work across the aisle to get things accomplished for this Democratic-leaning district. Halfacre and his supporters (including, unfortunately, certain blogmasters who will remain nameless) don't appear to be sophisticated enough to understand this.

Art Gallagher said...

including, unfortunately, certain blogmasters who will remain nameless


Your candidate can have his press releases published here verabtim too if he is willing to pay the price of admission. There are two alternatives...interview or buy and ad. It's that easy.

Going forward, at least until the lines are awarded, or until I change my mind, there will be no comments allowed on CD 12 candidates' press releases.