Saturday, March 27, 2010

Sipprelle dominates Middlesex Convention 220-134

Scott Sipprelle has secured the county line in Middlesex with a dominating performance, 220-134. He is now unquestionably the favorite to win the nomination to take on Rush Holt in November.


Anonymous said...

wow!!.. maybe he'll have something ($) leftover, as help for Monmouth's county 3, Gooch will hurt them..Monmouth, you need to support Scott on Monday night, instead of the home-boy.. has anybody learned that nearly all-negative will not always win???

Anonymous said...

so now the GOP will be running another Jon Corzine "Wall Street Wizard" with plenty of dough, only this time as the GOP candidate.

Holt must be chuckling to himself.

Corzine got the nod by filling the coffers of the various municipal dem committees with plenty of moolah. It will be interesting to see which municipal committee receives the $, how much and when.

Spend wisely said...

difference with Corslime is, he said he'd change Trenton, and made it FAR WORSE WITH THE TYPICAL DEM LIES, TAXES, AND TRICKS..since the GOP was so badly whacked in 2008, I say, the more $ the Siprelles and Gooches can throw to any of the other Republicans on the ticket, all the way down, the better, is much appreciated, and will show the Dems it's their turn to sit it out, and let us once again fix the destruction they've wrought!!

Anonymous said...

Amen, 'Spend Wisely'. The GOP is finally getting with the program here.

Be advised, the number of anti-Sipp posts will now undeniably pick up.....and they will be Dems in disguise, scared to death of what is about to happen if Sipp gets the nomination. Holt is about to be 'Rush'ed ---right out the Capitol door!

Who needs consultants said...

love that slogan!.. "Let's RUSH Holt out the door!..